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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Always on Standby article translation

Again, I have no scanner so I can't upload the mag scans for you to see. This article is from TVB Magazine issue 407 (page 60-61). The pictures provided here are from the mv screencaps and HK GFS site

Pursuing million dollar helicopter

3 people in a helicopter

In every helicopter there will be 2 pilots; Pilot I (Bowie) and Pilot II (Chan), and one Aircrewman Officer I (Kenny). Three of them have to follow the protocol strictly.

Air ambulance

Super Puma L2 was used as an air ambulance. It was fitted with various medical equipments to treat the injuries of the survivors (victims) before sending them to the hospital.

Different helmet

The person responsible to ‘winch out’ (descend from the helicopter) need to wear different color helmet to represent the different types of rescue mission they’re performing. Example:

● Black for training/practice

● Red for sea rescue

● Yellow for general search and rescue mission

Bowie descending from Eurocopter EC155 B1

Bowie was very careful when he get off the helicopter. Negligence will cause not only serious injuries to himself; he might damage the helicopter as well.

Extra scenes - Newbie messing around

Chris Lai acts as cadet pilot; he got too excited and touched the Super Puma L2 helicopter. Aircraft Engineer Joe Junior scolded Chris because no one was allowed to touch the machines without permission.

Relationship chart – Co-workers
Ekin as Matthew Ko Ho Fung - Aircrewman Officer I
Bowie as Benjamin Yip Ching Wan - Pilot I
Chris Lai as Kelvin Chiang Ka Lok - Cadet Pilot
Joe Junior as Chiu Hock Jin - Aircraft Engineer
Kenny Wong as Tsang Siu Lun - Aircrewman Officer I
Chan San Chong as Siu Zhi Ming - Pilot II

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