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Friday, April 22, 2005

All About Men download link

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A massive thanks to miss_lonely for uploading mp3 and providing the link to all the tracks in TVB newest album "All About Men". The link will expire in a week. A word of advise though, please buy the album if you really want to support your favourite artist. She provided the songs just to satisfy the curiosity of some fans who couldn't buy it yet.

Here's the link:

01. 心計 (TVB劇集 '酒店風雲' 主題曲) - 主唱: 李克勤
Scheming Heart (Revolving Doors of Vengeance Theme) - Hacken Lee

02. 別怪她 (TVB劇集 '酒店風雲' 插曲) - 主唱: 吳卓羲
Don't Blame Her (Revolving Doors of Vengeance Sub) - Ron Ng

03. 三角兩面 (TVB劇集 'Yummy Yummy' 插曲) - 主唱: 鄭嘉穎
Triangle Two Sides (Yummy Yummy Sub) - Kevin Cheng

04. 呼叫 (TVB劇集 '召喚王' 主題曲) - 主唱: 鄧健泓
Shout! (Theme) - Patrick Tang

05. 領會 (TVB劇集 '覆雨翻雲' 插曲) - 主唱: 林峰
Realize (Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion Sub) - Raymond Lam

06. 和你的每一天 (TVB劇集 '妙手仁心' 插曲) - 主唱: 林保怡
With You Every Day (Healing Hands 3 Sub) - Bowie Lam

07. 世上無難事 (TVB劇集 '本草藥王' 主題曲) - 主唱: 林文龍
World Has No Difficulties (The Herbalists Manual Theme) - Frankie Lam

08. 不死傳說 (TVB動畫劇集 '鋼之鍊金術師' 主題曲) - 主唱: 陳奕迅
Undying Fable (Theme) - Eason Chan

09. 心花無限 (TVB劇集 '心花放' 主題曲) - 主唱: 陳豪
Blossoming Heart (Love Bond Theme) - Moses Chan

10. 隨時候命 (TVB劇集 '隨時候命' 主題曲) - 主唱: 鄭伊健
Always on Standby (Always On Standby Theme) - Ekin Cheng

Red = Highly recommended
Blue = Recommended

I really enjoyed the Always on Standby themesong by Ekin, it has a really upbeat and infectious tune. Raymond voice was very smooth in Realize. Hacken and Eason voices are great as usual, but there's nothing special abt the tune.

To order online: All About Men (Limited Edition) (CD+DVD+Poster) RM64.55 *pretty expensive even for imported cd*

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