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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

LWOLAP and AOS themesong k100

TVB new series themesong and music videos
Thanks to tl, who showed the link to the k100 clip below.


First part of the clip: Raymond is filming MV for new series Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion (also starring Charmaine as female lead). You can hear the themesong in the bg, too bad Charmaine wasn't in this MV, TVB invited 3 girls to star in it but I can't see their faces clearly. Song name: 领会 (Understand)

Later part of the clip: Bowie Lam singing themesong for Always on Standby. He only mention that this is his first TVB themesong for 2005, so I guess this is the subtheme for Always on Standby. Bowie was funny in this clip, he's warning HK singer to look out for competition from TVB singers, as their voices are quite good too! LoL... Song name: 和你的每一天 (Everyday with you) Edited 29/03/05 - Another fan reminded me that this song could also be themesong for Healing Hands 3. I completely forgot about the existence of this upcoming series. At closer inspection, I noticed that Bowie was wearing his medical robe in the MV, therefore this song is a subtheme for HH3. Sorry for the confusion.

Found a mag scan at

Hong Kong Government Flying Service

Hehehe...went to the official site and got some info to share regarding Always on Standby

The Government Flying Service (GFS) is a department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region employing 225 civil servants responsible for flight operations, maintenance and administration.

The GFS is located at the south-western corner of the Hong Kong International Airport.

Service & Operation

The unit's main duty is to provide 24 hours emergency helicopter and fixed-wing flying support, seven days a week, to the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Search & Rescue (SAR) - Ekin & Linda are currently filming these scenes

Air Ambulance - Charmaine rescue scenes as Air Medical Doctor?

Others: Police Support, Fire Fighting, General Government Support & Aerial Survey


3 Pips (3 軍星)

Pilot I (一級機師)
Aircraft Engineer (飛機工程師)
Aircrewman Officer I (一級空勤主任)

Casts in this rank:
● Charmaine as Dr. Carrie Hong Yau Nam - Air Medical Officer (飛 行 醫 生)
● Bowie as Benjamin Yip Ching Wan - Pilot I (一級機師)

2 Pips and 1 Bar (2 軍星 1 橫槓)

Pilot II (二級機師)
Aircraft Engineer (飛機工程師)
Aircrewman Officer I (二級空勤主任)
Chief Aircraft Technician (總飛機技術員)

Cast in this rank:
● Ekin as Matthew Ko Ho Fung - Aircrewman Officer I (二級空勤主任)

Edited 29/03/05 The spelling for Ekin character is Matthew Ko, not Matthews. Finally confirm my suspiscion about the spelling error in k-100 clip. Chris Lai Lok Yi rank was 2 Pips, so he could either be a Pilot II or a Aircrewman Officer III

2 Pips (2 軍星)

Pilot II (二級機師)
Chief Aircraft Technician (總飛機技術員)
Senior Aircraft Technician (高級飛機技術員)
Aircrewman Officer II (二級空勤主任)
Aircrewman Officer III (三級空勤主任)

Cast in this rank:
● Chris as Kelvin Wong Ka Lok - Pilot II (二級機師) or Aircrewman Officer III (三級空勤主任)

1 Pip (1 軍星)

Cadet Pilot (見習機師)
Senior Aircraft Technician (高級飛機技術員)
Aircraft Technician (飛機技術員)
Aircrewman Officer III (三級空勤主任)

Casts in this rank:
● Linda as Sandra Sze Chor Kei - Cadet Pilot (見習機師)
● Gregory as Patrick Lau - Cadet Pilot (見習機師)

For more details, browse the official site. There's 3 language available: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

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