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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Louis Koo online journal

Just found and read the weekly online journal of Louis Koo. Yup, the real Mr. Cool himself update his fans via

Before reading those post, I have always felt dissapointed that Louis kept rejecting TV series roles (Heart Blade, Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion). He explained that he is looking forward to work with TVB again, however he couldn't fit them into his tight schedule. Haha... now I have something to look forward. I won't blame him if he doesn't want to film TV series anymore, as movie is definately more lucrative and the work is less ardous than making TV series.

By the way, don't miss out the "Greetings from Louis" section; it contain some clips of him greeting his fans in english. It's quite funny to see him speak english, not too bad (he only speak simple english there) hehe...

Anyway, do visit for his updates. A mention of thanks to escaflowne_moon

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