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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Chilam & Charmaine at MonaLisa Bridal Studio promotional event

Charmaine and Chilam attended a Mona Lisa promotion yesterday, and Charmaine answered the latest rumors about her supposed relationship with Matt Yeung. "What am I supposed to do? When I don't hang out with anyone, reports say I am a loner, if I hang out with someone older, they say I am in love with someone too old, with someone younger, they say I am in love with someone too young. Don't do that! My family doesn't live in Hong Kong, friends are very important to me, it is normal to hang out with friends. (The rumors said you went to Matt Yeung's home at midnight?) That's what they said. It is not true. (So what is your relationship with him?) We are friends and coworkers. Good relationship all along." And in response to Benny Chan's support, Charmaine said, "I am thankful to anyone who supports me. (You are involved in rumors all the time. Does that affect your relationship with Benny?) We are separate individuals, so no."

translation thanks to Muka

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In regard of the Charmaine - Matt gossip, I found and translated another piece of news.


Charmaine Sheh involved in triangle love “Older woman, younger man relationship”?

Exposed: Charmaine Sheh dating TVB third rate actor Matt Yeung who is 6 years her junior

At the moment, there are rumors of two “Older woman, younger man relationship” in the HK entertainment:

30 years old TVB lead actress Charmaine Sheh, dating 24 years old third rate actor Matt Yeung

(Note: Third rate in TVB terms mean minor roles, not even supporting roles)

20 years old Edison Chen fallen in love with his manager, 20 years his senior.

According to the reports of the newest “Sudden Weekly”, Charmaine and Benny Chan has been rumored as couple since 3 years ago. Recently some neighbour ‘exposed’ that while Benny was away working long term in Mainland China and Taiwan, Charmaine carry a secret affair with the 24 years old Matt Yeung.

Matt Yeung neighbours said for the past two months, Charmaine has been spotted visiting Matt’s home during late night for over 10 times.

According to this ‘neighbour’ : “Since 2 months ago, Charmaine started to frequent Matt’s home, usually in late night, at first I didn’t notice who it was, because she always wore a fisherman hat, sometimes even with sunglasses, initially I thought it was Sharon Chan (Matt’s ex-girlfriend)”.

The ‘neighbour’ also added that they made a lot of noises in his apartment, causing them to receive a lot of complaints. Anyway, the neighbour discovered that person was none other than Charmaine Sheh after she shrieked when Matt nearly hurt her hand while opening the door.

They were also seen together in the lift last month.

Recently, the duo changed their meeting place to Charmaine’s home in North Point. On Feb 28, “Sudden Weekly” reporter spotted Matt disguising himself in a fisherman hat to meet Charmaine at her apartment during wee hours.

Comments: Great - put on a cap and that means you're conducting a secret affair. Erm, haven't it occured to them that perhaps the celebrities doesn't want to be recognise in general public? What's wrong visiting a friend's home (be it day/night)? It that means having a love relationship then half of the world population might as well have a very exciting and amorous lifestyle.

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