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Friday, March 11, 2005

Benny Chan regard Charmaine as 生死之交

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Benny Chan was at an opening ceremony for a beauty parlor yesterday, and Charmaine was originally scheduled to be one of the guests too, but she did not show up in the end and only sent flowers. When reporters asked Benny if Charmaine is missing this ceremony on purpose to avoid him, Benny explained that Charmaine could not come because she has to work. When the Matt Yeung rumors were brought up, Benny nervously explained that Matt and Charmaine are just like sister and brother, and it is not rare for them three to have dinner together. Benny also called Charmaine "a friend through life and death".

When asked about Benny's compliment, Charmaine said, "I really appreciate that. (He was getting nervous when he talked about Matt.) I don't think he was! (So is he a friend through life and death to you too?) We are good friends, but 'friend through life and death'? That depends on what he meant. (How about as in being there for each other, through life and death?) Then I have to think about that first! (Is there a chance for you two?) No one can predict the future."

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