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Friday, February 25, 2005

Yellow Earth Great Plains

I nearly laughed my ass off.

The cast of this series wasn't even confirmed, but the fans of the rumored cast are already trying bite each other head off. I'm not trying to imply who's right or wrong - evidently each has their petty points (yes, even some Charmaine fans - yeah, go send me hate mails now).

There is no argument that Ada will be the female lead should she accept the role offered - she is one talented and versatile actress (not to mention very beautiful). While Charmaine and Gigi fans and haters alike bicker over who will lead over who and silly points like whose name will be in front in the cast list, I can't resist posting my comments here. And perhaps I WILL receive hate mails after this.

Gigi - No doubt she is heavily promoted by TVB since her performance in WAB. Created some uproar when she won Favorite Actress in TVB 37th Anniversary - rumors was that she signed TVB management contract in exchange (but I'm not going to comment on this). However, I think this award was jinxed. I mean, look at Maggie Cheung Ho Yee - she won and then her popularity plummeted. Good thing is she set her sight on the brighter industry in Mainland China. Same thing happened to Flora Chan. But one thing I must say: Gigi was never really popular even when she was making movies. She was frequently featured as 'vase' but I have no complaints in this - she is beautiful. To haters: Though I personally prefer Sheren to win the award, but that doesn't mean Gigi doesn't deserved the award at all. She did a good job in WAB. To fans: Just because she is heavily promoted now, TVB is realistic. In the end of the day, if she couldn't provide the results TVB invested, Gigi will be replaced by other younger actresses like Tavia and Myolie.

Charmaine - Overzealous fans AND haters should tone it down. Okay, it is a widely known fact that Charmaine was heavily promoted and TVB will continue to do so in the future.
1. TVB executive is very realistic - they only cared abt figure and statistics so there must be an obvious reason they keep investing in Charmaine. To haters: Accept the fact that Charmaine has potential - those executives are not blind. To fans: Be a little humble, though Charmaine was heavily promoted doesn't mean she'll have all the privileges and awards.
2. Charmaine position in TVB is rock steady. There's a point why she was featured in the cover of TVB Mag first issue the year of Rooster (the mag scan in the previous post) and also again in the last page of TVB 2005 series line-up. No question TVB intend to make her the IT actress of 2005. The other four on the cover - Bowie, Gigi, Tavia and Raymond will also be heavily promoted. But Charmaine will always remain TVB pet (and frankly I don't know whether this is good or bad as this tag will stick with her in the future).

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