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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 17-18

Episode 17

TYGS admitted hiding Chu Kot and asked the emperor to punish him instead of Jik Nui. Since her status was special and therefore could not be imprisoned; Jik Nui gave back the gold plate to the emperor so that she can follow TYGS to prison. In the prison, Jik Nui joked that if it’s not for her, TYGS will be sleeping on straw instead of a bed (the emperor arranged for them to have a room in the prison). She doesn’t regret following TYGS to prison, as now she doesn’t have to share him with Chu Kot. TYGS was touched and apologized to Jik Nui for making her unhappy in the past. They kissed…

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Romance at a time like this?!

Chu Kot discusses with Lang Huet and Zhui Ming to rescue TYGS and Jik Nui. Chu Kot found out that Eunuch Mai might be blackmailed by Choi Ging and suspected a bigger plot behind all this… Chu Kot ordered Zhui Ming to leak news to Choi Ging of their plan to rescue TYGS and Jik Nui the next day…

Seeing TYGS sleeping beside her, Jik Nui pinches her own cheek to test if this was a dream. TYGS was amused and promised her that they will always be happy together. Choi Ging and Zhong Shu interrupted them with news of Chu Kot planning to save them.

Meantime, Chu Kot went to persuade Eunuch Mai to be his witness of Choi Ging’s crimes. Eunuch Mai was grateful that Chu Kot saved his wife from Choi Ging and promised to lead Chu Kot to the emperor. Choi Ging finally realizes he has fallen into Chu Kot trap by diverting his attention to TYGS and Jik Nui. He rushed to see the emperor… With security loosened, Lang Huet and Zhui Ming rescued TYGS and Jik Nui at last.

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The emperor became very confused after Chu Kot explained what really happened. He doesn’t know whether he should believe in Chu Kot or Choi Ging. Choi Ging burst into the garden and starts to accuse Chu Kot wanting to assassinate the emperor. He killed Eunuch Mai and placed a knife in his hand – thus framing Chu Kot along. Chu Kot pleads to emperor not to trust Choi Ging as he kept his kung fu hidden from them. The emperor ordered the guards to nab Chu Kot but he escaped.

Siu Keng was busy preparing for New Year. Thirteen was still resentful of Siu Keng and keep insisting that she is missing Chu Kot. Siu Keng denied, saying she was worried for TYGS and Jik Nui as they now became refugees because of Chu Kot. She reminded Thirteen if he was in trouble, TYGS will do anything to help him too.

The emperor begins to distrust Choi Ging as well and decided to let Thirteen handle Chu Kot. Choi Ging was offended and tells Thirteen to kill Chu Kot as he also knew San Tze Ging. He implied to Thirteen that Siu Keng might have given a copy of the manual to Chu Kot because of their ‘close’ relationship.

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Thirteen taunts Siu Keng further…

Thirteen tell Siu Keng that the emperor has ordered him to capture Chu Kot and kill him if he resisted. Siu Keng was concerned about TYGS and Jik Nui so she asked what Thirteen plan to do. Thinking she was concerned about Chu Kot only, Thirteen tell her he will do his best to harm her beloved man. Siu Keng replied that the choice lies in his hands and remind him to value their (Thirteen, Chu Kot and TYGS) brotherly relationship. Thirteen accused her getting the San Tze Ging for Chu Kot and not for him in the first place.

Siu Keng went to the temple to pray for Chu Kot, TYGS and Jik Nui safety. She doesn’t want to any harm to befall on Thirteen, either. Chu Kot sent a letter to her telling her not to worry or feel guilty about admitting seeing him alive in front of the emperor.

At the hideout, Chu Kot was thinking about Siu Keng and hope that Thirteen will slowly forget the San Tze Ging incident. He tell TYGS he hoped that Thirteen will continue to treat Siu Keng well and move on with their live. He decided to go with Zhui Ming and Lang Huet to spy on Choi Ging and the Gum emperor activities.

Jik Nui keep insisting to assassinate Choi Ging to solve their problem even though TYGS advises her many times not to do so. Jik Nui refused to listen and went back to Divine Needle Sect to gather support from her martial sisters. Frustrated, he came up with an idea to make her stay out of trouble – he went to Divine Needle Sect as well and announced that he wished to divorce Jik Nui.

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TYGS almost became a roast pig

TYGS lied to Jik Nui that he never loved her. He was forced to marry her and she was nothing but troublesome to him. Jik Nui keep insisting she knew he love her, therefore TYGS swears that if he was lying he will be struck by lighting. The weather turned stormy…

As TYGS try to leave the forest, he was almost struck by lightning. He asked to heaven to have pity on him since he has no choice but to make a false oath. Thinking about it, he changed his mind and feel that if him dying could save Jik Nui, he willingly do so. Jik Nui sheltered him from the rain and asked the lightning to strike her instead. The lighting finally stop but TYGS was adamant leaving Jik Nui.

Thirteen was pissed that Choi Ging pressures him to kill Chu Kot as soon as possible. He refused to be ordered around by Choi Ging and tell him to mind his own business. Choi Ging purposely provoke Thirteen anger by reminding him that he kept losing to Chu Kot, in love or power…

Pissed, Thirteen decided to learn the full San Tze Ging and demanded Siu Keng to bring him to meet Sam Bin Dou. Siu Keng was reluctant but agreed to please Thirteen. She bring him to the cave where she last saw Sam Bin Dou but the Taoist was nowhere to be seen. Siu Keng convinced him that she wasn’t lying and they went to the abandoned temple to rest.

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Siu Keng look like a rag doll in his hands

Siu Keng noticed the face veil Chu Kot left behind when he saved her and quickly hid it behind her. Thirteen noticed this and forced her to hand over the veil. Siu Keng admits it was Chu Kot’s – Thirteen flew into a rage thinking this was their rendezvous spot…

Episode 18

Siu Keng keep having nightmares of Thirteen killing Chu Kot and called out Chu Kot name in her sleep. Seething with fury, Thirteen pretended to be asleep…

The next day Thirteen received a letter informing him that Chu Kot has been seen heading towards the Sam Bin Dou cave. Thirteen immediately goes after him. Siu Keng read the letter and was worried that Chu Kot came back to save her from the Taoist again. She hurries to the cave only to realize this was a trap set up by Thirteen…

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Tskk tskk… Haven’t your father teach you never to raise your hand at a woman?

Thirteen asked her whether she was disappointed not seeing her old lover here. He was convinced that Siu Keng has an affair with Chu Kot and she tricked him about the San Tze Ging. Siu Keng begged him to trust her and Thirteen slapped her. He resents Siu Keng for not loving him but cannot bring himself to kill her as he still love her. He dumps Siu Keng at the cave…

Sitting alone, Siu Keng think about the past – how much she owed Thirteen and how she hurt his feelings. Sam Bin Dou appeared and offered to exchange the manual if she agrees to sleep with him. Siu Keng try to escape but hesitated when the Taoist tell her that her husband really wanted the manual… This prove to be a bad move as Sam Bin Dou hypnotized and raped her…

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Siu Keng bring back the top half of the San Tze Ging to Thirteen but he threw them away, thinking it she was out to harm him. Siu Keng was on the verge of breaking down and begged him to learn the manual – as she went through a lot of suffering to get it from Sam Bin Dou. Thirteen continue to insult Siu Keng and refused to believe her…

Sitting alone, Thirteen began to have second thoughts and practices some of the copies that Siu Keng brought back. Siu Keng saw him learning the manual and was glad he believed in her – she was desperate to do anything to please him. Thirteen tells her that some part of the manual doesn’t make sense at all – Siu Keng figured out that the verses in the manual was mixed up and suggested to rearrange the manual from the beginning. Thirteen martial power started to increase rapidly.

Siu Keng past catches up to her as she constantly imagine Sam Bin Dou lurking behind her every time she saw her own reflection. She was clearly disturbed and afraid to look into mirror. Thirteen noticed her strange behavior but Siu Keng assured that she was just tired. Remorseful of his previous attitude, Thirteen apologized to her and vowed to treat her better.

Thirteen want to get the complete version of the manual so he asked Siu Keng to take him to the cave again. Afraid that Thirteen will found out the truth (how she manage to get the manual), Siu Keng persuade him not to and volunteer to go instead.

TYGS was unhappy since he divorced Jik Nui but feel this was the best solution for both of them. Chu Kot investigates about Choi Ging and know they’re up to something. Zhui Ming informed Chu Kot that Thirteen has successfully mastered San Tze Ging – Chu Kot was curious how he got the manual from Sam Dou Bin. He figured out it must be Siu Keng and rushed off after learning that she plan to go there again…

Siu Keng was reluctant to go the cave again but she was desperate to help Thirteen. Sam Bin Dou knew she would be back for the bottom half of the manual. This time, Chu Kot was there and killed Sam Bin Dou. Siu Keng was ashamed and ran away…

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Just don’t get the blood splattered all over

Chu Kot chased after Siu Keng and asked her why she was so foolish to make such sacrifices. She begged him not to tell Thirteen as she fear he will go berserk again. She doesn’t mind sacrificing herself to make Thirteen happy as she owed him too much. She tell Chu Kot not to go near her as she fell very dirty and sinful. Siu Keng attempted suicide with Chu Kot spear but was stopped in time.

Thirteen was curious that Siu Keng left home so early without notifying him. Choi Ging arrived and suggested using Siu Keng as bait to lure Chu Kot out. Thirteen refused as he doesn’t want to manipulate his wife. Choi Ging tell him that Siu Keng might be having a rendezvous with Chu Kot right at that moment…

Thirteen goes to look for Siu Keng at the cave and found Sam Bin Dou dead. He took the manual from his body and was shocked to discover that the Taoist was killed by Chu Kot’s spear. He was enraged, convinced that Siu Keng was secretly meeting Chu Kot here…

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Divorce settlement turn ugly

Chu Kot brought the unconscious Siu Keng to an inn nearby. Thirteen followed after them and went on a rampage seeing Chu Kot and Siu Keng in a room. He refused to listen to Chu Kot explanation and start to attack him with his Grieving Arrow. Siu Keng awoken and ran out into the street to stop Thirteen from killing Chu Kot. To save Chu Kot, Siu Keng broke Thirteen arrow string – and also his heart. Thirteen was anguished that Siu Keng repeatedly hurt him for Chu Kot. Siu Keng knew Thirteen would never forgive her and she owed a lot to him.

Half crying, half laughing like a madman; Thirteen mocked himself that the true meaning of his Grieving Arrow was not to kill the opponent, but breaking the heart of the one that uses it. He shot out the arrow and it hit Siu Keng. Chu Kot escaped with the injured Siu Keng.

Siu Keng survived her injury. Siu Keng asked why Chu Kot stopped her as she was a sinful woman and deserved to die. Chu Kot tell her not to be silly and he doesn’t think that she was ‘unclean’. He accompanied her to the temple and kowtowed in her place to the Buddha statue. Chu Kot has always relied on himself – but today he pleaded the heaven for the first time to fulfill Siu Keng wishes.

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Yippee, it’s snowing!

Siu Keng woke up and was touched that Chu Kot kowtowed all night in front of the Buddha statue for her sake. It begins to snow and Chu Kot tell her that it’s a sign from heaven that her sins will be washed away – she will always be as pure and white as the snow. Chu Kot tell Siu Keng that this is a new beginning of her life. Siu Keng ran out and played in the snow…

On the other hand, Thirteen will turn violent every time anyone mention Chu Kot and Siu Keng. Eager to lure Chu Kot out, Thirteen help Choi Ging to persuade the emperor to meet the Gum emperor to sign the peace treaty. Zhong Shu and Choi Ging was pleasantly surprised by Thirteen sudden move. Choi Ging assured Zhong Shu that all Thirteen has in his mind was hatred and revenge; he won’t interfere with their plans…

Jik Nui was pissed that TYGS spread the news around that he has divorced her. Granny Sun Jum plan to make Jik Nui as the next leader of the Divine Needle Sect and teaches her an ultimate skill using Frozen Needles and special web – however, she mustn’t use the skill unless necessary. Granny Sun Jum knew Jik Nui miss TYGS and advise her not to be angry at TYGS because it is even more painful for him to announce to the world that he divorced her. She never imagined TYGS will be willing to bear all the pain by himself, that he love Jik Nui to this extent. Jik Nui finally understand TYGS feelings…

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Thirteen look like he might get a massive stroke attack at any moment

The wulin world was dissatisfied with Thirteen action supporting the emperor to sign the peace treaty. Thirteen killed Leader Tong when the latter mentioned that he was just pissed that Siu Keng ran away with Chu Kot. Thirteen mastered the San Tze Ging and announced he is not afraid of anyone since he is now practically invincible. Jik Nui arrived and offered her assistance because she also harbor resentment towards Chu Kot for breaking up her marriage with TYGS…


Argh ~ in these episodes we see many character doing a lot of foolish stuff.

1. Siu Keng trading herself for the manual – She has no choice, she want to help Thirteen – but Chu Kot was right, her action was foolish and doesn’t really help if Thirteen knew the truth. I was a little afraid she might go insane when she was frantically begging the Buddha for forgiveness.

2. Thirteen. Someone please give me a gun; I feel like shooting him dead. He doesn’t know how Siu Keng got the manual, but the way he threw away the manual, with Siu Keng on verge of tears picking up those papers – man I feel like smashing up the television. That bastard! (sorry for the rude letter, but this was exactly how I felt). He also constantly accuse Siu Keng of missing Chu Kot (okay, maybe there’s a little truth to that), I mean come on give her a break! After she got him the top half of the manual he acted as if nothing happened and be sweet to her – barely moments ago he was clearly inflicting domestic violence on her.

3. TYGS. Okay, it wasn’t foolish but he was just as childish and immature as Jik Nui anyway. However, it was amusing seeing him sulk and insist he doesn’t love Jik Nui at all – reminded me of the scene where he plan to go into hiding when Jik Nui forced him to marry him. TYGS seldom show this childish streak in him ;)

On the costumes:

Tada ~ Winter has arrived and that means new costume! Hehe… Charmaine costume and hair decoration was very simple, in pure white. I don’t expect to see another winter costume since its just two episodes till the ending. Annie new style was terrific! Love her costume, love her hair decoration. She look really pretty in the blue costume. Thirteen new costume was okay – I’m not a fan of grey. And what’s up with Chu Kot cape (ancient superman?)?! I hate it!!! He do look good in another black costume though. I have not seen Sunny since the winter scene begins therefore I can’t comment anything about his costumes. However as always I feel TVB shortchanged Sunny by giving him a lousy wardrobe. Oh yeah, another thing worth mentioning is that Thirteen has convert his costume as a part of his Grieving Arrows – he pull out the string from his chest (new innovation here) and hid the arrows under his clothes (seen in previous episodes).

More screencaps:

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