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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 15-16


Episode 15

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She will kill to have a date with him

Choi Ging want to torture Mong Dip by making her killing the man she love with her own hands. He can frame Chu Kot killing the Gum people and vice versa because they’re plotting to overthrow Song Dynasty. Mong Dip assassinated Chu Kot and return to report to Choi Ging. When asked what reward she wants for killing Chu Kot, Mong Dip replied that she only want a day with Choi Ging. He agreed.

In the middle of the night, Siu Keng awoken and saw a firefly flying toward her, as if it was trying to say something… Jik Nui arrived to inform her that Chu Kot was dead…

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Two women fighting over a dead body

Siu Keng couldn’t believe her eyes until she saw Chu Kot lying in the coffin. She wanted to touch his face but Mong Dip walk in and drive Siu Keng away. Siu Keng told Jik Nui that she won’t shed a tear for Chu Kot anymore.

Choi informed the emperor of Chu Kot death and framed him betraying the country with Gum people. The emperor was very disappointed with Chu Kot. Thirteen mission was successful because Choi Ging secretly informed the Gum people to retreat.

Jik Nui comforted Siu Keng to forget Chu Kot since he was dead – and her husband Thirteen was returning home soon. When Siu Keng sighed that life is so unpredictable, Jik Nui suddenly thought what will happen to her if TYGS died. TYGS was walking in when he overheard Jik Nui crying out loud telling him not to die :P TYGS was embarrassed by Jik Nui behavior and pushes her away, explaining that he is here to inform Siu Keng of Chu Kot burial ceremony. Jik Nui declined on Siu Keng behalf.

Only three person – Mong Dip, TYGS and Jik Nui visited Chu Kot burial site. Mong Dip noticed someone spying on them and gave a chase. Mong Dip asked Siu Keng why she is hiding herself in the bushes. Siu Keng replied that Chu Kot doesn’t need her to pay respect to him, he already have Mong Dip. Mong Dip explained to Siu Keng that she wasn’t pregnant with Chu Kot baby – and Chu Kot love for Siu Keng never changed at all. She advise Siu Keng to keep their love alive in her heart and stop hating Chu Kot.

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Siu Keng should save her sinful confession for Friday

Thirteen return as a celebrated war hero. He learned about Chu Kot death from the wulin world and decided to pay his respect to him. When he reached the gravesite, he saw Siu Keng crying and apologizing to Chu Kot for what she have done – she still loved him, not Thirteen. Thirteen goes berserk again…

Meanwhile, Choi Ging was fulfilling his promise to spend a day with Mong Dip. She brought him to their baby grave and Choi Ging refused to acknowledge the baby was his. He told Mong Dip not only he killed her baby, he was the one who poisoned her in the first place to make her obedient. Mong Dip held back her tears as Choi Ging admitted he never loved her.

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Mong Dip plan to have a double suicide with Choi Ging therefore she poisoned themselves before they went to the gravesite. Desperate for the antidote, Choi Ging kissed Mong Dip, believing her words that the antidote was on her lips. Mong Dip was sad but also glad that their family will be reunited in death. Chu Kot appeared and tried to save Mong Dip. Choi Ging overheard that San Tze Ging can dispel the poison so he crawled off to look for Thirteen…

Without San Tze Ging, Mong Dip was doomed. Mong Dip says it was a pity that Chu Kot and she was not in love with each other. She asked Chu Kot to recite the poem when they first met and tell him that she was grateful to have such wonderful friend. Mong Dip asked to be buried along with Choi Ging and her baby. She passed away in Chu Kot arms…

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Mong Dip cried a bucketful – literally.

Chu Kot catches up to the near dead Choi Ging. He told Choi Ging that Mong Dip never betrays him – she only pretended to kill him after realizing Choi Ging killed her baby. He was about to nab Choi Ging back to see the emperor when Thirteen appeared out of nowhere and start to attack them. Chu Kot escaped and Thirteen goes berserk on Choi Ging. In a twist of event, Thirteen attacks dispelled the toxin from Choi Ging body. Thirteen stopped himself when he almost killed Siu Keng.

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Hope Thirteen is not needle phobic…

Siu Keng brought the unconscious Thirteen back to Yuen mansion and begged TYGS to cure him. Despite using the Frozen Needles, Thirteen showed no sign of improvement. Siu Keng feel guilty for causing Thirteen to go berserk. Jik Nui decided to stay back to help her take care of Thirteen.

Choi Ging grieved over Mong Dip death and vowed to seek revenge on Chu Kot…

Episode 16

Choi Ging informed that Chu Kot was faking dead to the emperor. As Thirteen was injured and unable to go to war, the Gum people was threatening to invade Song Dynasty again. Choi Ging urged the emperor to sign peace treaty with the Gum people but he refused. He ordered Choi Ging to show proof that Chu Kot was still alive and he was betraying the country.

Siu Keng works non-stop to take care of Thirteen. She was willing to do anything to cure him so she asked Jik Nui regarding Sam Bin Dou temple. Jik Nui warn her that Sam Bin Dou is dangerous but Siu Keng mind was elsewhere…The next day, TYGS rushed back to inform Chu Kot that Siu Keng has left home to look for Sam Bin Dou. TYGS advice him not to go out to look for her, since everyone assumed he is dead. Chu Kot refused to listen as he feared for Siu Keng safety.

Siu Keng traveled to the temple where Sam Bin Dou used to stay and saw a Taoist luring a lady to a cave. She followed them and save the lady from danger. However, Siu Keng cannot resist Sam Bin Dou hypnosis. Chu Kot arrive in time to rescue her from Sam Bin Dou and forced him to explain the secret of the San Tze Ging. Sam Bin Dou admitted that the words in the manual was mixed up to prevent other people to master it. He teaches Chu Kot a part of the real manual. Seeing Chu Kot distracted, Sam Bin Dou escaped…

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Old lovers reunited

Chu Kot bring the unconscious Siu Keng to an abandoned temple and quickly left when she awoken. Siu Keng saw recognized the writings left behind as Chu Kot’s and ran out to look for him. She misses him and cried, begging him to show himself. Touched, Chu Kot came out and they embraced…

Siu Keng pleaded with Chu Kot to abandon everything and ran away with her. Chu Kot cannot answer her request and Siu Keng realized that Chu Kot will never abandon his duty for her sake. She slapped him and asked if he really ever loved her…

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Thirteen look like a blood thirsty vampire

Siu Keng returned home and found out that Thirteen has regained consciousness. However, Jik Nui warn Siu Keng not to approach him as he has lost his mind, wreaking havoc in his room. Siu Keng was worried for Thirteen condition and went to check out on him. Thirteen hid himself in the room and goes berserk seeing Siu Keng reflection on the mirror. He attacked Siu Keng but couldn’t bring himself to kill her. He tell her to go away because he couldn’t control himself anymore. Siu Keng refused to leave so Jik Nui rushed in to drag her away.

Jik Nui tell Siu Keng that Thirteen goes berserk every night therefore it’s dangerous going near him. Siu Keng say she’ll never leave, because Thirteen is her husband. She stay up all night outside the room. In the morning, Thirteen was already asleep so Siu Keng went in and look after him. She clean up the room and copied the manual Chu Kot gave her. Thirteen woke up and read the manual on the wall. Siu Keng was happy to see his berserkness goes away as he practiced the manual.

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Siu Keng made up her mind to be a good wife

The servant was relieved to see Thirteen return to normal and told him how worried Siu Keng was and all those stuff she did for him. Thirteen was pleased. Choi Ging arrived to persuade Thirteen to be his witness that Chu Kot was still alive. Thirteen couldn’t remember seeing Chu Kot but Choi Ging tell him the choice is in his hands…

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But Thirteen jealousy got better of him…

TYGS complained that Jik Nui is so sleepy that she forgot he was coming to visit her at Yuan mansion. Siu Keng was grateful of their assistance and asked him to thank Chu Kot on Thirteen behalf. If it wasn’t for Chu Kot, she wouldn’t have got the real manual for Thirteen. Thirteen was listening in the background and was enraged that Chu Kot went together with Siu Keng to get the manual.

Siu Keng was puzzled why Thirteen suddenly take her along to meet the emperor. Thirteen remain cold and aloof to her. Siu Keng was afraid when Thirteen became angry when she touched him.

Choi Ging inform the emperor that Thirteen has seen Chu Kot alive. Thirteen tell the emperor that he wasn’t clear if he saw Chu Kot, but he was sure that his wife Siu Keng saw him. Thirteen grill Siu Keng to tell the truth – saying that ‘they’ went together to look for Sam Bin Dou. Choi Ging accused Siu Keng of having an affair with Chu Kot as she refused to say anything. Siu Keng admitted to seeing Chu Kot alive but denies having affair with Chu Kot. Thirteen disbelieved her…

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Resulting a humiliating confrontation in court

Having convinced the emperor that Chu Kot was a traitor, Choi Ging urge the emperor to sign the peace treaty again. Choi Ging was pissed when the emperor refused. The emperor seems to listen to Eunuch Mai advice only.

Jik Nui was angry that TYGS fake Chu Kot death from her. Jik Nui tell him that even though she disliked Chu Kot, but she was willing to support TYGS. Jik Nui offered to help Chu Kot…

Choi Ging tried to bribe and blackmail Eunuch Mai to influence the emperor. The Gum people gave beautiful girls and treasures as sign of peace to the emperor. The emperor finally agrees to sign peace treaty at Eunuch Mai persuasion. Choi Ging plan to abduct the emperor during the peace treaty and take over the Song Dynasty.

Choi Ging bring soldiers to Bak Soh Yuen and searches for Chu Kot. Jik Nui and TYGS refused to let Choi Ging into the room so he forces his way in. Chu Kot was nowhere in sight but he ruined Granny Sun Jum Frozen Needles. Jik Nui and the Divine Needle Sect was pissed and demanded Choi Ging to compensate their loss. Jik Nui threaten to complain Choi Ging in front of the emperor.

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Plaintiff: Jik Nui a.k.a. Divine Needle Sect versus Defendant: Choi Ging

Taking advantage of the confusion back at Bak Soh Yuen, Chu Kot managed to escape. However, he was followed by Zhong Shu. Chu Kot defeated him and Zhong Shu ran back to report to Choi Ging. Choi Ging accused Jik Nui of hiding a wanted criminal but she denies since they had no proof. Choi Ging challenged her to debate in front of the emperor. Confident that the emperor will stand on her side, Jik Nui agrees…

These two episodes were very tragic. I feel really sad when Mong Dip dies. Imagine her pain; she has to cheat Choi Ging to get one last kiss before death. The same man who poisoned her, kill her baby and most of all – NEVER loved her. If only Chu Kot and Mong Dip could fall in love with each other… They’re just too similar, too devoted to one love. By the way, Nnadia is extremely beautiful in her final scenes (love her hairstyle).

Episode 16 was also touching, the scene where Siu Keng begged Chu Kot to come out and then they hugged – I actually shed tears. Uh-huh, considering I doesn’t favor Joe-Charmaine chemistry beforehand, I’m quite surprised by my own reaction. Previously I was quite uncomfortable with the notion of Siu Keng and Chu Kot pining for each other – Siu Keng is married, for God’s sake! However, at that single moment, all doesn’t seem to matter anymore (well at least for a few sec).

I have to re-watch to make sense of Siu Keng’s action. When she returned home and saw how serious Thirteen condition was, she was determined to stay by him – when barely a few minutes ago she was begging Chu Kot to elope with her. After re-listening her conversation with TYGS and Thirteen, I finally come to a conclusion. Siu Keng wants a new beginning with Thirteen and forget Chu Kot for good (whether she succeeds or not is another matter). I really wish there is more than guilt and responsibility in Siu Keng’s feeling for Thirteen. I think it’s possible that she does love Thirteen, just different in nature compared to Chu Kot. Chu Kot was her first love, the one that got away while Thirteen provide her security and affection she needed.

After some spoilers courtesy of Amy Hoang from cinple, I don’t know if I can bear watching the next episodes because the storyline will be more painful (I don’t mean boring, but really emotionally painful).

I have always admired Sek Sau acting, but as I watch I noticed he is going overboard with his acting. He was shouting above his lungs like 80% of the series. Instead of feeling intimidated, his voice irritates me.


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Anonymous said...

I'm feel relieve that TVB change the plot, at first when I read sehseh commemt and found out that Siu Keng will sleep with another man for changing the munual, I'm worried and afried to read the summary. Luckily that Chu Kot arrive in time and rescue Siu Keng from Sam Bin Dou.

For Thirteen I feel sorry for him, Siu Keng was going to be a good wife and let go of Chu Kot but that accident and Choi Ging made him not to believe Siu Keng anymore, so sad.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the screenshots Sehseh. What program do you use?

ENTTN said...
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sehseh said...

I'm using PowerDvD player. It has screencap function which u can use as u watch.

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