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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More SAH stuff

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This scene was my second favorite scene in SAH (the first being the scene where Siu Keng lifted Thirteen veiled hat away). Click here to download the clip of thise scene:

Feeling nothing to do, I also added some poem from the series

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I have just watched episode 17-18, and to tell the truth, fans of Stephen-Charmaine might hate to see what happened - I'm not elaborating much as I will update the episode summary and screencaps tomorrow. Still, some major spoilers: (Highlight to read)
  • Siu Keng was raped by the Taoist
  • Hell broke lose when Thirteen thought Siu Keng was having an affair with Chu Kot - went on rampage and shot his wife
  • Chu Kot became a wanted criminal AND took Siu Keng away
  • Thirteen hell bent on revenge and willing to be used by Choi Ging
  • TYGS divorced Jik Nui

Plus, I have added episode 15-16 individual screencaps to my yahoo photo album. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

omfg. >=o

now i dunno if i still wanna spend money on renting something that's gonna frustrate and depress me. arrrgggggg... poor -- u know who... ::sigh sigh sigh::


Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks for all the hardwork!!!

rachael said...

aiya, file expired jor la :)

heheheh this episode just aired in australia on jadeworld. i am trying not to read the episode guides because of spoilers. dammit already know thirteen going to commit suicide later :p

i am really embarassed that i like stephen now because of this series... this scene was touching...

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