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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Magazine scans and clips

Mags scans (click to see larger version)

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The 1st one was scanned from newest TVB magazine Issue 402 with Charmaine, Bowie & Gigi and Raymond & Tavia on the cover. The 2nd one is an article promoting Food For Life (Yummy Yummy). I love Charmaine in that light beige dress. Very feminine and demure. Nothing much of Charmaine in the 3rd and 4th article, but still very interesting info abt filming food theme series in Singapore.

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Courtesy of Linda's Cottage

This article mentioned the differences in the cast uniform during new series Always On Standby costume tryout.

Because Charmaine's role is a doctor, so her name tag reads Dr. Carrie Hong. Ekin even wear his expensive HK20000 plus watch. Most probably Seiko as Ekin is the spokesperson. Good PR :) Bowie's role is a 1st rank officer and in addition of 3 'buttons' on his shoulders, he also have blue and red stripe on his sleeve (I dunno what it meant though. Can anyone clue me on this pls?) I get it now. It's a red and blue pen. How dumb of me... 23/2/2005
Ah~ and our most famous TVB gwailo actor Greg Rivers will be the highest ranking officer of all. How typical...

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Charmaine relates herself to some of her past roles in this article. Nothing special, except of a brief mention of series Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion - she will end up with Raymond Lam's character. Also, a funny mention of Charmaine mother reading the tabloids to keep up with her news.

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Clips Food For Life

Story: Raymond's character wanted to prove that he's not a useless rich kid so he went rock climbing to show he can meet any challenge. Accident happened and he had to call Charmaine and Kevin to rescue him from the cliff. The duo rushed their and Charmaine sprained her ankle so Kevin has to piggyback her.

Others: Because the island was quite remote (their lunch must be shipped there), what happen if the cast/crew had to go washroom? Ray jested that they normally contribute back to mother nature (bushes and grass as their toilet hehe). Don't worry, he's just joking as they have a very clean toilet nearby.

Old clips Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion

K-100 clips:
(the later half of the clip)
(the praying ceremony in Mainland China)
(filming process in Huaiyou Studio)

Starbiz clips:
(Bosco explaining the bar incident)
(The leads talking about their personal assistants and how they spent their time during filming. MUST WATCH)


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