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Saturday, February 12, 2005

LWOLAP synopsis and characters info

The story
The story is based at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty in a story following the adventures of Fung Hang Lit (Raymond Lam), who is of Mongolian descent and his blood brother Hon Pak (Bosco Wong). One wants to overturn the Ming Empire, whilst the other is the right hand man of Ming's founding emperor Zhu Yuanzhang and the two move from being brothers to sworn enemies. Raymond will be taking the lead again and Charmaine and Sonija will be playing the friend forever by his side Chun Mung Yiu and the girl who betrays him Gum Bing Wan respectively. The 'Tossing Rain Turning Cloud' title refers to the Mongolian 'Tossing Rain Sword' and the Central Plain's top weapon 'Turning Cloud Sabre' as Fung and Hon's destinies are entwined in that of these two items of weaponry.

Raymond Lam: Fung Hang Lit (風行烈) is the heir to the Mongolian Empire. As the series is set during the rise of the Ming Dynasty, Fung's main objective is to overthrow Zhu Yuen Zhang. Fung will have a relationship with Chun Mung Yiu and Gum Bing Wan in this series. He originally used Chun Mung Yiu for revenge, but later truly fell in love with her.

Charmaine Sheh: As with her predecessor See Fei Huen (Leila Tong in TOB), Chun Mung Yiu (秦夢瑤) is not only fairylike in appearance but also has great martial art skill. She and Gum Bing Wan come from the same cult, with Gum being the elder sister. However, Chun is the future mistress of her cult, as she is the favoured one of the two. In the novel she was paired up with Hon Pak but TVB changed the pairing to with Fung Hang Lit.

Bosco Wong: Originally from a poor background, Hon Pak (韓柏) quickly grows to the riches with the help of Zhu Yuan Zhang. His main objective is to help Zhu maintain the newly created Ming Dynasty. This causes riffles in his relationship with Fung Hang Lit, who wants to do the exact opposite. In the novel he has MANY wives; including Chun Mung Yiu and Hui Ye Yuet.

Sonija Kwok: Gum Bing Wan (靳冰雲) is the early lover of Fung Hang Lit. Normally a person who is unattached to the materialistic things in the world, Gum later falls in love with Pang Ban and betrays her lover Fung Hang Lit for him. In the novel she was briefly married to Fung and plotted with Pang Ban to cripple and kill him.

Sharon Chan: Hui Ye Yuet (虛夜月) is the blood sister of Hon Pak, who falls in love with him, and vice versa, as both are oblivious to their relationship. Actually, Hui Ye Yuet was adopted, therefore they can end up together in the end. This character was sort of man hater - she love playing tricks on men.

Mimi Lo and Power Chan: Wan Wing and Fan Leung Gik will yet again be another bickering couple, who end up falling in love. Fan was Fung companion, while Wan left nun-hood for Fan.

David Chiang: The legendary Long Fan Wan (浪翻雲) who accidentally kill his wife Gei Sik Sik many years ago (Patrick Tam and Sonija Kwok in the sales presentation version). His arch enemy is Pang Ban - to be the best martial arts legend. In this series he is Hon Pak martial art sifu.

Derek Kwok: Pang Ban (龐斑) is the mega villain in the series. In the novel, he was in love with Chun and Gum sifu; Yin Jing An (言静庵), but she rejects him and send her disciple Gum Bing Wan to him instead.

Sherming Yiu: As beautiful villainess Bak Fong Wah (白芳華) who has passionate entanglement with Hon Pak.

Akina Hong: As Guk Zi Sin (谷姿仙), a beautiful princess who was one of Fung Hang Lit three wives in the novel. The fourth most beautiful maiden after Chun Mung Yiu, Gum Bing Wan and Hui Ye Yuet respectively.

p.s I'm not to sure how Derek character name sound in Cantonese, so I posted in Mandarin instead.

Some of the info I have taken from and added extra info from what I read of the original novel. However, I did not read the novel in detail as it was too long and my chinese level was terrible :P Sorry if I mistaken some details.

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