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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Larger pics and translation

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Michelle: 死跟爛跟 Following everywhere

1. Ray bumped into rich girl Michelle when he went to Singapore to participate in a competition. At first they hated each other, but later Michelle falls for Ray and start to idolize him. Ray was very happy, but Charmaine misunderstood that they (Ray & Michelle) are more than normal friends.

2. Ray coincidently pass through the car park, Michelle thought Ray vandalised her car. They argue and became instant enemies.

3. In the end Ray want to pursue Michelle again, but she was still mad at him. She pretends to have a lesbian girlfriend to make him jealous.

Ericia: 自動送上門 Take initiative

1. Ericia is another contestant, she participate the contest to look for a boyfriend. She took initiative to approach Ray after meeting him. See them playing around so close; you know there is something more to their relationship.

2. Ericia has a cute set of big front teeth, giving her the nick name of “Big Front Teeth” in this series.

Charm: 咕唔到你咁鬼花心﹗嬲死你﹗ You’re so unfaithful! I’m so mad!

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The story
A story about a food competition and the people who participated in it. Man Hei (Charmaine) was a PR executive and caretaker in the competition got to know Hok Lai (Raymond) who is one of the participants. It was love at first sight for Ray; unfortunately Charmaine doesn’t feel the same about him. Ray later went to Singapore and met Michelle and Ericia, creating a complex love quadruple…

Michelle Chia versus Charmaine Sheh

Michelle profile:
Age: 26 Height: 164cm Weight: 46kg
Entering show business: Start to act in drama since 1987
Education: University
Language: Mandarin, English, Cantonese and ???
Background: Won Singapore Top 10 Favorite Actress award in 1999

Charmaine profile:
Age: 29 Height: 164cm Weight: 46kg
Entering show business: 1997 Education: Hotel Management, Switzerland.
Language: Mandarin, English, German and Cantonese
Background: 2nd runner up in Miss Hong Kong pageant 1997

Results: Even though Michelle was younger, but Charmaine was prettier; so Charmaine won. (Ahemm, this is the direct translation so Michelle fans don’t kill me, ok?)

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