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Monday, February 21, 2005

Gorgeous wedding pictures

Hahaha, finally found the official site of the wedding pics Ron and Linda advertised for. Special thanks to Jenn from Linda forum

Official site:
(click second tab at the bottom and choose the top pair)

Because it take some time to load, I only posted some of my favorite pictures here. For more, just click the link provided above.

1. My favorite picture; I just love beach wedding. Casual yet romantic...

2. Their expression here look more natural than the 1st pic

3. Cute pic. Warning for future grooms: Do not try Ron's expression unless you look as hot as him

4. Who can resist a handsome looking man in Navy uniform?

5. Doesn't fancy Linda's hat, but they still look good.

6. The frequent poses in wedding picture nowaday

7. Same as above

8. Ron and Linda in traditional Chinese costume

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