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Monday, February 28, 2005

Charmaine sports a short hairstyle for Always on Standby

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Ekin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh were filming scenes for "Always on Standby" yesterday, and Charmaine cut her hair short just for the show. "Because in the story I need to have brain surgery, so my hair can't be that long. After I had my hair cut two days ago, I wasn't used to it. (Reporters: But long hair brought you a lot of good luck!) It is probably not related, sometimes you need to change your image, also short hair is easy to take care of!"

This is Charmaine's first time working with Ekin, and she says Ekin is very comfortable to work with. And since Ekin already has a girlfriend, they don't have to worry about rumors. Charmaine laughed and said "Yeah, I can be immuned this time, I am happy. But I don't worry about rumors anymore, people can tell if news are real or fake nowadays. (Is it because you also have a boyfriend now?) No, I am focused on work."

Special thanks to Muka for translating the news.

More pics from (pls go to the site for full size pictures, I'm only posting the thumbnails here as it's too big and some of you might have trouble waiting for my blog to load as I have many images in my blog)

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News flash!

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion (LWOLAP) might be released in late March or early April (source from Charmaine's forum and

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Food For Life (Yummy Yummy)

K-100 clips (26/2/2005)

The scenes in this clip is near the ending of Yummy Yummy. Basically it's the final competition where the contestant has to race to win a shoplot in Paris (in Paris?!!!). Ben Yeo feeling a bit sick from eating those oily char siu, so he slowed down during one scene, causing another cast member to trip and fall. Luckily no harm came to her. While Ben's incident was real, Tavia has to re-take several shots of her character falling, which she mention it's very difficult as she has to fall on the spot the director tells her to while making it look 'convincing'.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is the hair but the recent photos of Charmaine is really skinny. She's near skeletal. Pretty scary. -Amanda-

Anonymous said...

It wasn't another cast member that fell, it was Natalie Tong (one of the k100 interviewers).

sehseh said...

ok, thank you abt the info on the k-100 host (i'm not familar with k-100 or jadestarbiz host)

yeah, charmaine look too thin, what she really need is not more series, but a good holiday and plenty of food

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