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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Always on Standby K100 clip

The main characters talk about their roles

Bowie: (葉青云 Yip Ching Wan)In the script he's a strict instructor, but Bowie says he won't be necessary potraying 'strict' personality all the time as he feel the notion of 'strict instructor; has been overused many times. However, he say the training the cast underwent was indeed very strict.

Ekin: (高可风 Koh Ho Fung)His job is be the one who rescue the ppl from the sea. His role will instruct the helicopter driver (Bowie) what to do as the critical decision will be made by the one doing the rescuing (Ekin). His character has a very optimistic personality.

Linda: (施楚淇 Sandra Sze Chor Kei)She doesn't like her job, but because of financial difficulties she involved herself with govt. service to get a stable job/income. She was happy to work with Ekin because she idolizes him.

Charmaine: (康友岚 Carrie Hong Yau Nam) Early in the series she fell into coma after a car accident. She was Ekin's girlfriend. She joined the volunteer service as a medical doctor when she woke up from her coma.

Shirley: (周小娟 Zhou Siu Juan)Even though she was crippled and sit in a wheelchair, she never gave up and was very optimistic. She is a trainee pilot.

In the end of the clip Ekin and Bowie talk about what they learn during the training.

p.s. I don't know how to pronounce them in cantonese therefore the italic words were in mandarin pinyin.

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