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Friday, January 07, 2005

Strike At Heart

(previously titled One Beautiful Spear)

I saw the official poster yesterday. To speak the truth, it's not flattering at all. Here's the quote on the poster:

"Internal strife between apprentices to the same clique. Bring on an ultimate fight..."


  1. Joe Ma as Chu Kot 诸葛 – the protagonist that will save the day and swept the ladies off their feet (but do I really care?)
  2. Charmaine Sheh as Siu Keng 小镜 (Mirror) – a beautiful damsel with plenty of angst and tragic destiny awaiting her
  3. Stephen Au as Yuen Sap Sam Han 元十三限 – the bitter, vengeful antagonist who fell in love with our beautiful damsel
  4. Sunny Chan as Tin Yee Gui See 天衣居士 (Heavenly Gown Master) – the reclusive “peace for the world” hero, senior of Joe & Stephen
  5. Annie Man as Jik Nui 织女(Weaving Girl) – spoiled and stubborn girl, who will fall for the reclusive hero above
  6. Nnadia Chan as Mong Dip 梦蝶(Dream Butterfly) – undercover prostitute

This story is involved in hatred, gaining advantage, and love. Based on a wuxia novel by Wan Sui Onn 溫瑞安 (who also wrote The Four Constables 四大名捕). Expect plenty of swordplay and special effect. After watching the trailer, I have to say I’m quite impressed by the martial sequences. I hope TVB doesn’t cheat me of my $$$...

This series will more likely to be released by next Monday or Tuesday.
Screencaps of trailer under the folder 2005 sales presentation

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