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Friday, January 14, 2005

Strike At Heart themesong 悅天人 (Yue Tian Ren)

I like the duet sung by Nnadia Chan and Huang Kai Qin (sorry I have no idea who he is). The song certainly has a wuxia ‘feel’ to it – in fact sort of like to wuxia series theme song in the early mid 90s. Here’s the Chinese lyrics of the song Yue Tian Ren:
Red: Nnadia
Green: Duet

And my crappy translation in english (sorry, my chinese vocabulary was limited so if i misintepret, feel free to email me to notify me, ok?)

男: 看 驚世一槍
Gaze at the amazing spear
此 雷霆疾放
Radiates like striking lightning
可知道 成就背景多滄桑
Wondering how many pain it bears behind its glory

女: 情 叫人發光
Love can makes one come alive
也令人 重創
Love can bring us doom
一轉面 也許生死兩茫茫
Live and death looms around for lovers

合: 情義儲心中
Love and loyalty reside within the heart
The truth is difficult to comprehend
Looking back
Is there still hope behind those clouds?
Has our destiny ended?
Or another tale awaits
Who will ever know?
真相揭露 仍此謎樣
Truth is like a riddle


Anonymous said...

great info about the serie.. much details.. love it.. keep up w/ the good work..

annie fan
p.s: i'll come back often to check out more..

sereneione said...

Hello. Great website. Lots of details about Charmaine. I like her too. =)

Anyways, I just wanted to ask if you have the Strike At Heart theme song. I am trying to look for it. Not the video, but the audio. If you do, can you tell me where you got it from. My email is

Thanks so much, and sorry for the trouble.

Shi Leng

sehseh said...

I'll re-upload the song later

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