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Monday, January 17, 2005

Strike At Heart scenes 1-4

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Siu Keng: My, what strong arms you have!
Thirteen: Better than Chu Kot?

Lol, I just added the dialogue for fun, no offense. Eventhough I know Charmaine's character will not love Stephen, I love seeing them together. That is the best romantic scene so far.

Here is the link to d/l the scene above (Thirteen carrying Siu Keng in his arms) :

Other scenes to check out:

Chu Kot (Joe Ma) & Thirteen (Stephen) awesome fight scene in episode 3 *recommended*
1st part:
2nd part:
3rd and last part:

Jik Nui's revenge - very funny (Sunny, Annie & Charmaine)

The Lantern Festival (Joe & Charmaine)

Siu Keng day out with Thirteen (Stephen & Charmaine)
Part 1:
Part 2:

Watch Thirteen practice his sword moves - cool effect
Thirteen make a promise to Siu Keng:
Thirteen thinking about Siu Keng (I like the background music):

Re-post of themesong and themevideo link:

Again, these files are temporarily available until Funn help to host the themevideo. I'm hoping someone will volunteer to host the other clips above.

Thanks to Carlavidaamor, who helped me to host Stephen Au clips - the length of time to d/l those clips depend on your connection. Do be patient. Once again, many thanks to Carlavidaamor!

Clips for the duel scene:
Part 1:^^QWffVG7tZv:/^^b0FnX0R~ZWvfbGFxcDEtc0~0/sah_duel%20part1.wmv

Part 2:^^QWffVG7tZv:/^^b0FnX0R~ZWvfbGFxcDItc0~0/sah_duel%20part2.wmv

Part 3:^^QWffVG7tZv:/^^b0FnX0R~ZWvfbGFxcDMtc0~0/sah_duel%20part3.wmv

Thirteen carrying Siu Keng^^QWffVG7tZv:/^^b0FnX1Rn_XJzZWVtIGNgbmJoZXMfb0k~IGskalbtc0~0/sah_thirteen%20carries%20siu%20keng.wmv

Siu Keng & Thirteen day out


Thirteen's sword moves
Thirteen making promises to Siu Keng^^QWffVG7tZv:/^^b0FnX1Rn_XJzZWVtIHBxa0~ob0Utc0~0/sah_thirteen%20promise.wmv

Thirteen thinking abt Siu Keng^^QWffVG7tZv:/^^b0FnX1Rn_XJzZWVtIHN1a1JjLmcscf/sah_thirteen%20sword.wmv


I'm still waiting for news from Winson and Funn for their help in hosting the clip. Enjoy the clips! :)


Winson Lee said...

hey.. let me know if you need temporary storage. I can lend you some storage for you to post up the clips.

sehseh said...

Yes, please
I need storage for the clips for
1. Joe & Charmaine at lantern festival
2. Jik Nui's revenge (Sunny, Annie & Charmaine).

thank you in advance.

Anonymous said...

Thank :) The clip; "Jik Nui's Revenge" is very funny, "Lantern Festival" make me think of Game Nintendo when the character in the game is jumping from one blog to another blog. :-p. I like when Siu Keng was with Thirteen, she was so cute.


Anonymous said...

it's me again.. for storage, you can try at
it's a great web..

Anonymous said...

hi seh seh,its me again,prncessy gal...... could u upload these clips for me??? thanks....
1)siu keng removed her veiled
2)chu kot attemp to kiss siu keng during their romantic date
3)thirteen carrying siu keng in his arms

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