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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 9-10


Episode 9

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Chu Kot need to be more creative with his safety box and anti-burglar system

Cornered, Siu Keng admits she was Chi Kou’s daughter but denied any intention of harming Chu Kot. Someone broke into Shen Hau mansion (Chu Kot mansion) and stole the letter. Chu Kot accused Siu Keng diverted his attention to help Chi Kou can steal the letter. Jik Nui believes in Siu Keng as she knew Siu Keng did not put any poison in the water.

Regardless of Chi Kou personal sins, he is still her father therefore Siu Keng refused to expose his whereabouts. She offered herself to be handed over to save her father and Chu Kot – or else Chu Kot will be in big trouble as he lost the important evidence. Chu Kot decided to take all the blame in order to protect Siu Keng real identity. Hearing this, Siu Keng agrees to lead him to her father…

Fearing the wulin leaders’ reaction, Chu Kot asked TYGS to divert their attention while he follows Siu Keng to look for her father. Thirteen caught a glimpse of Chu Kot and Siu Keng leaving together. Feeling jealous, he decides to follow them.

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Though tempting, shooting your future father-in-law is NOT a good idea

Chi Kou thought that his own daughter betrayed him and threatened to kill Siu Keng. Despite Chu Kot bargaining to spare his life, Chi Kou distrusts them and escaped after Siu Keng became unconscious. Thirteen saw Chi Kou running away and chases after him. Chu Kot called out to stop Thirteen from killing Chi Kou but he refused – thinking this as an opportunity to win over Chu Kot. Thirteen killed Chi Kou with his Grieving Arrow (or Heartbroken Arrow whatever). Chu Kot, TYGS and Jik Nui was shocked – but Thirteen was too overjoyed triumphing over his kill to hear Chu Kot explanation.

Even though they failed to recover the missing letter, Chi Kou death was enough to answer to the emperor. The emperor rewarded Thirteen by promoting him equal to Chu Kot rank and gave him Yuan Shen mansion. Choi Ging offered to take Thirteen under his wing but was politely declined by Thirteen as his loyalty lies with Chu Kot.

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Back at Chu Kot mansion, Thirteen celebrates his victory and promotion among the wulin world. Siu Keng has not regained consciousness and Jik Nui worries how to explain her father’s death to her when she awakened. Oblivious to the fact that he just killed her father, Thirteen tell Siu Keng that he hoped to marry her since he’s now successful. Thirteen was furious when Chu Kot tell the truth, thinking that Chu Kot deliberately let him kill Chi Kou so that Siu Keng will hate him forever. Unable to accept the truth, Thirteen severed all ties with Chu Kot. Saddened, Chu Kot visited Mong Dip. He feel he owed a lot to Thirteen but he doesn’t know how to compensate to him.

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Mong Dip, Matahari of the year.

Mong Dip was actually Choi Ging’s lover sent to spy on Chu Kot. Thanks to her help, Choi Ging was able to steal the letter from Chu Kot mansion. He destroyed the letter and instructed Mong Dip to continue gaining Chu Kot’s trust.

Siu Keng regained consciously and was told that her father’s corpse was publicly displayed. Siu Keng ran out in disbelief to look for her father. Thirteen retrieved the body and confessed to Siu Keng that he killed her father. Furious, she injured and scarred Thirteen face…

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Siu Keng scars Thirteen face

Choi Ging rescued the unconscious Thirteen and brought him back to his mansion. He manipulated Thirteen’s resentment toward Chu Kot and offered his ‘friendship’ (basically pretended to be Mr. Nice Guy) to Thirteen. Chu Kot was anxious since Siu Keng and Thirteen went missing. Jik Nui feel that her father death involved too many innocent people therefore she feels that they should just forget the past and go on with their lives. TYGS was proud that Jik Nui has such mature consideration.

Chu Kot was relieved when Lang Huet and Zhui Ming brought Siu Keng back. Siu Keng was still very confused and regrets her action in scarring Thirteen’s face. A few days has passed and yet they have no news of Thirteen. Choi Ging sent an invitation to Chu Kot, informing him that Thirteen inauguration ceremonies will be held soon. Siu Keng was concerned with Thirteen injuries therefore she decided to go along.

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Thirteen refused to face Siu Keng

Thirteen was ashamed by the scar on his face and veiled his face from the public. He hate his own reflection and hid behind a tree because he doesn’t want Siu Keng to be alarmed by his appearance. Thirteen tell Siu Keng not to feel bad as he never blamed her. He explained to Siu Keng he wouldn’t have killed Chi Kou if he knew she was his daughter. He despises Chu Kot from ‘stealing’ Siu Keng from him…

Episode 10

With Chi Kou death, Jeneral Fu Yuen name was cleared up and Jik Nui regains her status as the Jeneral daughter – Fu Yuen Ling Fung. The emperor compensates Jik Nui by returning the Jeneral mansion and bestowing a gold crest to her. The emperor also planned to restore Jeneral Fu Yuen post (to fight Gum people) – however Jik Nui was a married lady therefore he need a new candidate for this post.

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The emperor yak on about how sorry he is about Jeneral Fu Yuen. Yawn~

The wulin world think that Chu Kot was the appropriate person to hold this post. Jik Nui was pissed that Choi Ging dared to arrive to ‘congratulates’ Chu Kot on his possible promotion. Chu Kot promised to try his best to acquire this post and find the opportunity to prove Choi Ging as a traitor. Siu Keng announced to the wulin world that she was Chi Kou daughter as she doesn’t want to live in shadows anymore. Jik Nui and Chu Kot convinced them to believe in Siu Keng.

Siu Keng tell Chu Kot she will be leaving as she doesn’t want to burden anyone. Chu Kot asked her to stay, telling her that he didn’t mind about her past. However, he was also in dilemma as he knew Siu Keng exposed her true identity for his sake. He visits Mong Dip and decide that he should let Siu Keng go to Thirteen…

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Chu Kot: Goodbye Siu Keng, hello Mong Dip!

With Mong Dip help, Chu Kot publicly embarrassed Siu Keng and tell her that he doesn’t love her anymore. He once did but now he is in love with Mong Dip. Siu Keng was sad and decided to leave Chu Kot mansion for good. Jik Nui was furious when Chu Kot refused to stop Siu Keng from leaving and slapped him. Jik Nui then orders everyone to look for Siu Keng…

Meanwhile, Thirteen drown his sorrow away with wine. His newly acquired position meant nothing for him – he did this all for Siu Keng but now he was unable to face her. Zhui Ming arrived and informed him that Siu Keng has gone missing for days…

Similar to Thirteen, Siu Keng spent her time wandering around and drinking to fill up her emptiness. One day, she was cheered up by a street performer in donkey costume – when she returned to the inn her room has been upgraded and even served with her favourite food. Siu Keng suspected somebody is secretly helping her and true enough, it was Thirteen. Siu Keng was touched because she knew Thirteen was the protecting her all along. Thirteen tell her that he was not trying to compensate for what his sins – he just wanted her to forget her past and live happily. Siu Keng thanked him and removed his veiled hat…

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Even with that scar, Thirteen still look cool AND adorable. How many men on this world are willing to be an ‘ass’ (donkey) for a girl?

Thirteen left Siu Keng a note thanking her for enabling him to regain confidence in showing his face. He informs Jik Nui to fetch Siu Keng from the inn. Siu Keng agrees to live with Jik Nui in Bak Soh Yuen. On their way home, they ran into a ‘wedding’ march – Siu Keng was devastated to know that Chu Kot has redeemed Mong Dip from the prostitution parlor to live with him at Shen Hau mansion.

Siu Keng has no choice but to accept that Chu Kot now loves Mong Dip. She was disappointed with Chu Kot empty promises of being her protector, guardian star forever. She asked Thirteen whether he really meant to protect and love her forever. Satisfied with his answer, she suggested that they should get married. Thirteen was overjoyed but did not agree right away as he understand Siu Keng was feeling depressed – she might regret this in the future. Thirteen want Siu Keng to think it over…

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Siu Keng: Will you marry me?

Thirteen visited TYGS to ask for his opinion regarding Siu Keng marriage proposal. TYGS and Chu Kot was shocked to hear this news. Chu Kot was pained but he encourage Thirteen to propose to Siu Keng and wished them happiness. Thirteen appreciated his encouragement and decided to officially propose to Siu Keng.

Chu Kot was heartbroken and vent his frustration with kung fu. Mong Dip sees Chu Kot crying – even though he wished the best for Thirteen and Siu Keng, he really love Siu Keng and wished he was the one to be with her. Mong Dip informed Choi Ging regarding what happened and Choi Ging see this as an opportunity to stop Chu Kot from acquiring the new post…

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Chu Kot crying over spilled milk

Chu Kot misses Siu Keng and went to the room where she used to stay. He found the firefly he gave her and releases it into the skies. TYGS encourage Chu Kot to chase back Siu Keng while he still have the chance. If he really love her, he should stop her from marrying Thirteen.

Thirteen arrives to Bak Soh Yuen to officially propose to Siu Keng. He tell her that he will not blame her if she changed her mind and rejected him. Chu Kot hurries to Bak Soh Yuen. Mong Dip tempts Chu Kot to snatch Siu Keng back from Thirteen (since Choi Ging want to destroy Chu Kot relationship with Thirteen). Chu Kot stares at the entrance…

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I could almost hear Chu Kot’s heart got snapped in two like a twig. Hurray!

Chu Kot showed up with Mong Dip in his arms and congratulates Thirteen and Siu Keng on their impending marriage. Siu Keng accepted Thirteen proposal letter in front of Chu Kot…


These two episodes focused mainly on the triangle relationship between Chu Kot, Siu Keng and Thirteen. Basically nothing on TYGS and Jik Nui (are they REALLY husband and wife? Wink wink). I’m okay with it since it’s not too draggy – but I also hoped for more fighting scenes. Hope I’ll be seeing more of those in the next episodes…

I know I’m a bit mean when I say this… but I actually cheered (out loud) when Siu Keng accepted Thirteen proposal. That particular scene was so quiet I can almost hear Chu Kot heart snap into two pieces – and the sadistic smile Siu Keng has on her face seeing his reaction. Revenge is a dish best served cold… Okay, I admit I feel a little bit sorry for Chu Kot when he cried, but the rest of the time I dislike him because I agreed with Mong Dip. He can stop himself from accepting Siu Keng but even so he still cannot force her to accept Thirteen.

Thirteen was a character that can invoke love and hate from me at the same time. You might hate him for being unreasonable, brash and his mood swings yet I totally love him in the scene where Siu Keng removed his veiled hat. His speech to Siu Keng make me feel touched – I don’t think I will ever forgive anyone who scar my face, let alone doing so much stuff for them. Later, he doesn’t force Siu Keng to keep her word to marry him. Whatever reason Siu Keng has (hate for Chu Kot, self misery etc), she married him on her own free will.

More screencaps: (due to some problem with my pc, I won't be producing too much screencaps after this episode until i send my pc to be fixed)

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