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Friday, January 21, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 7-8

Episode 7

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Chu Kot was nearly defeated by the 3 Heavenly Cripple

Chu Kot constables, Bo Long and Ging Wan was killed during the ambush. Thirteen arrived in time to save Chu Kot from Chi Kou’s servant (Si Hung Chan Fai, Si Ma Chan and Si Toh Fai). Everyone was saddened by Boh Long and Ging Wan death and the 3 leaders suspected Thirteen as the traitor. Chu Kot and Siu Keng defended Thirteen. Thirteen vowed to kill Chi Kou with his own hands to clear his name.

Since marrying TYGS, Jik Nui had changed her ways to be a good wife. However, TYGS seem oblivious and often ignored Jik Nui effort to please him. TYGS agree to sleep with Jik Nui when she voiced her discontentment but all he could think about was his two martial brothers in Dali.

Being hotheaded as usual, Thirteen went out to look for Chi Kou. Siu Keng forces him to take her along since he refused to listen to her advice. Thirteen was knocked unconscious by Si Hung Chan Fai, Si Ma Chan and Si Toh Fai trap – Tin Chan Dei Kuet. Chu Kot saves Thirteen while Siu Keng was abducted by her father. Thirteen regrets his action and wanted to rescue Siu Keng – the angry Chu Kot stop him since he was injured.

Back at Chi Kou mansion (I don’t consider it as a hideout since it’s visibly huge), Siu Keng try to persuade her father not to fight against Chu Kot. She reasoned that he should co-operate with Chu Kot to fight against Choi Ging instead. Chi Kou tells Siu Keng unless they manage to find an evidence to prove Choi Ging as the real culprit behind Jeneral Fu Yuen’s death; they have no choice but to fight Chu Kot. The evidence was a letter that the Gum (Song Dynasty enemies) prince sent to Choi Ging but it went missing along with Jeneral Fu Yuen daughter.

Jik Nui dolled herself up to get TYGS attention but he rather pay attention his tortoise Gum Chai (Goldie). She asked him to take her to see flowers but TYGS told her that he predicted it’ll be raining later. Upset, Jik Nui goes to the flower field alone – TYGS prediction came true and Jik Nui bumped into Granny Sun Jum and sect sisters while looking for shelter from the rain. Jik Nui was embarrassed to be alone and bragged how TYGS treated her lovingly. Granny Sun Jum brings the sect sisters to visit them and Jik Nui has to create excuses when they ask about TYGS.

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TYGS is the second biggest fool after Chu Kot

Jik Nui cried in front of Granny Sum Jum because TYGS doesn’t appreciate her effort for him. The clueless TYGS walk in and asked why Jik Nui is crying – only to get slapped by Jik Nui before running off. Granny Sun Jum gave him another slap to get the message across.

Eager to save Siu Keng, Thirteen spend his time practicing kung fu to speed up his recovery. Chu Kot discover how to break through Tin Chan Dei Kuet trap – but one person has to be sacrificed in order to defeat it. To rescue Siu Keng, Chu Kot was willing to sacrifice himself. Thirteen realized Chu Kot love Siu Keng and wants a fair competition for Siu Keng affection. Thirteen forces Chu Kot to make a pact that whoever defeat Chi Kou will get Siu Keng.

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May the best man wins…

The party finally reached Chi Kou mansion. Seeing Chu Kot stepping out into Tin Chan Dei Kuet trap, Chi Kou realizes that Chu Kot has figured out how to break the trap. Siu Keng begged his father to give up since he will be caught even if Chu Kot dies since the trap will be broken – his father told her that in this world, sacrifices had to be made. Seeing Chu Kot was seriously injured, Siu Keng rushed out and was nearly killed by the trap. Si Hung Chan Fai, Si Ma Chan and Si Toh Fai held back their power in time and Chi Kou carried the injured Siu Keng away. Infuriated, Thirteen killed Si Ma Chan and Si Toh Fai while Si Hung Chan Fai escaped. Chu Kot and Thirteen was worried as they failed to find her inside the mansion.

After escaping with her father through a secret tunnel, Siu Keng went to Jeneral Fu Yuen family ground to look for the missing letter. Her father tell her that the letter might be with the Jeneral daughter. Apart from the jade, the jeneral daughter should have the words “Disregarding family for the country, disregarding death for the Emperor” tattooed on her back. They decided to go back to the capital to look for more clues.

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Jik Nui got a cool tattoo on her back

Jik Nui haven’t returned home for days and TYGS went everywhere searching for her. Secretly watching him, Jik Nui was happy that he cared for her. She saw Siu Keng but brushed it off as mistake since Siu Keng was supposed to be in Dali. Chi Kou saw Jik Nui following Siu Keng and wanted to kill her. TYGS rescued Jik Nui and was shocked to see the words “Disregarding family for the country, disregarding death for the Emperor” tattooed on her back (she was wounded at the back). Chi Kou chases after them and demand her to hand over the letter. TYGS escaped with Jik Nui.

TYGS tell Jik Nui that she was Jeneral Fu Yuen missing daughter and asked her about the missing letter…

Episode 8

Jik Nui has no recollection of the letter since she was still an infant back then. They return to Divine Needle Sect to ask Granny Sun Jum about Jik Nui’s past. Granny Sun Jum rescued Jik Nui after her adopted mother died and all Jik Nui has with her back then was a small coat and some toys. She suggested that they should go looking where Jik Nui used to live in as a toddler. TYGS apologized about his previous actions and promise to treat Jik Nui better since she is the Jeneral daughter.

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Hey girls, feeling envious?

TYGS and Jik Nui goes to search in nearby villages since Jik Nui cannot remember anything. TYGS was very concerned when Jik Nui nearly sprained her ankle but she think he only treated her well because of Chu Kot (since she is the jeneral daughter and the only link to the missing letter). Jik Nui was tired and refuses to walk so TYGS has to continue searching alone. She was mocked by her sect sisters when they found her sitting alone at the tea stall. TYGS come to her rescue and act lovingly toward each other…

Thirteen and Chu Kot goes searching for Siu Keng and Chi Kou. Chu Kot was relieved to see Siu Keng signs on a Hong Ming lantern – telling him that she was safe. Thirteen feel jealous seeing that Chu Kot and Siu Keng has something to share – therefore Thirteen was more determined to win in their pact about Chi Kou. At this time, Chu Kot received a letter from TYGS informing him about Jik Nui and the missing letter. Chu Kot inform the party of this news and they decided to go back to the capital as soon as possible. Thirteen refused to go back as Siu Keng is still missing. Chu Kot decided to return to the capital with Zhui Ming and Lang Huet while the rest remain in Dali to help Thirteen search for Siu Keng.

Chu Kot hurries to Divine Needle Sect to meet Jik Nui and TYGS. Chu Kot return was kept secret because he was ordered not to return until he catches Chi Kou. TYGS pressure Jik Nui to remember her childhood.

The emperor found out about Chu Kot sudden return and summoned him to the palace. Chu Kot cannot disclose the real reason in front of the emperor as Choi Ging was also there. The emperor trusted Chu Kot and gave him three day to answer or else his head to him. Choi Ging suspect that Chu Kot might have new clue in Jeneral Fu Yuen case that might incriminate him and instructed Zhong Shu to spy on Chu Kot.

Since she cannot remember precisely where she had stayed as a toddler, Jik Nui took this opportunity to take TYGS wherever she fancied. TYGS find it getting harder to tolerate Jik Nui attitude as Chu Kot will be doomed if they failed to find the letter in three days. Chu Kot advice TYGS to appreciate her since Jik Nui really loves him. TYGS remind Chu Kot to practice what he preached – Siu Keng love him but he also didn’t appreciate her. He suggest Chu Kot to visit the nearby “Yan Yuen” Rock to pray for Siu Keng safety. Jik Nui chases Chu Kot away since she wanted to spend some time alone with TYGS.

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Someone please tell Chu Kot to make up his mind

Chu Kot visited the Yan Yuen Rock and prayed that Siu Keng is safe. He is willing to let go of everything to be with her, to give her happiness. He was surprised when Siu Keng stepped out behind the rock and tearfully asked him if he meant what he said. Relieved, Chu Kot rushed forward to hug her…

They return to Chu Kot mansion to discuss about the missing letter. Jik Nui was surprised that Zhui Ming and Lang Huet actually went to investigate all the places she mentioned for fun. TYGS was ticked and remind Jik Nui that Chu Kot life was at stake here. Hearing this Siu Keng begged Jik Nui to try harder. Chu Kot was worried but did not blame Jik Nui.

Siu Keng understand Chu Kot was worried about the missing letter and try to cheer him up. Chu Kot remember Thirteen and his cold (IMO, cruel is the proper word – he gave her promises, then disappointment, later hope and now taking it away again) demeanor to Siu Keng. Siu Keng ask him why Chu Kot is doing this to her because she know he love her too. Zhui Ming arrive with an invitation from Mong Dip to Chu Kot. Chu Kot accepted the invitation and left Siu Keng crying there…

Chu Kot apologized to Mong Dip as he only visit her when he’s unhappy. Mong Dip ease his feelings by accompanying him to drink wine. Siu Keng went to her father hideout and informed him that they failed to find the letter. Chi Kou tell her to look for a leather pouch made of goat skin – the Gum people usually place important stuff in those pouch. Siu Keng reminded her father his promise of surrendering to Chu Kot after they found the letter. Chi Kou was convinced even if he surrendered, he will still have to face death penalty but Siu Keng (naively) think she could persuade Chu Kot to let him go.

Siu Keng returned to Divine Needle Sect and suggested to Jik Nui and TYGS to look for a leather pouch. Jik Nui was angry because TYGS just want to help Chu Kot and completely disregard her feelings. Siu Keng tell Jik Nui for the person she love, she is willing to do anything he asked, even dying – simply because she love him. Siu Keng then asked whether Jik Nui love TYGS…

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Jik Nui: I had enough! I’m leaving and I’m taking the family pet Gum Chai with me

For TYGS, Jik Nui tries very hard to remember the past – finally she fell asleep and in her dream she remember a tree where she left the pouch. Jik Nui excitedly went to inform TYGS, but did not have the heart to wake him from his sleep. Therefore, she decide to go alone to investigate whether her dream is true. TYGS was worried and went to search for Jik Nui. This time, he refuses to believe Jik Nui and scold her for not caring for the people and the country. Jik Nui was hurt – she tell TYGS he never cared for her. True, Jik Nui did not care for the people or the country, but she really cared for him and that why she try so hard to remember. Jik Nui found the pouch but it only contained the jade. TYGS showed his disappointment which angers Jik Nui further. She ran back to Divine Needle Sect and threw a tantrum at TYGS. In their fight they accidentally tore apart the small coat and the missing letter fell out! They were overjoyed and hugged.

Lang Huet went to find Chu Kot to inform him about the missing letter. Overjoyed with the good news, Chu Kot excused himself from Mong Dip and left with Lang Huet. Mong Dip has a curious look on her face… (I think she’s actually a spy)

TYGS hands the letter over to Chu Kot and confirmed that this letter is the crucial evidence against Choi Ging. Chu Kot plan to report to the emperor when he return to the palace tomorrow. In their conversation TYGS mentioned that Siu Keng suggested looking for a leather pouch and Chu Kot feel suspicious…

Siu Keng hurries to meet her father to inform him that they found the missing letter. Chi Kou instructed Siu Keng to steal the letter. He gave her a packet of powder and tell her to put it into Chu Kot mansion drinking water. Chi Kou assured her that it was only sedatives. That night, Siu Keng hesitated and tested the drug with her hairpin. She was shocked it turn out to be very poisonous. She couldn’t bring herself to harm Chu Kot but she cannot fail her father either.

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Chu Kot questions Siu Keng real intentions

Chu Kot was suspicious of Siu Keng and purposely place the leather pouch in open view. He caught her trying to steal it and asked her real identity. Siu Keng was at lost and tried to leave. Chu Kot stopped her and the drug fell out. Joe was shocked, thinking Siu Keng wanted to poison him…


Okay, so my suspiscion about Chu Kot two other constables were confirmed. They are actually Boh Long and Ging Wan, not Mou Qing and Tit Sau. I was feeling curious in the previous episodes - as Mou Qing was suppose to be a cripple and sit in a sedan while the all the four constables in the series was nowhere near a wheelchair. Okay, now that the two is dead (with all respect), Chu Kot will take two more disciple Mou Qing and Tit Sau later in his life (around middle age i think).

I'm getting more pissed off at Chu Kot. Someone tell that man to make up his mind! He's too cruel to Siu Keng. He made her a lot of sweet (and empty) promises, the next day he decide to give her away like a toy to Thirteen. Oh ~ after that he feel he still love her, gave Siu Keng hope at the Yan Yuen rock AND take it away abruptly from her the same night. If he want to dump her, then do it cleanly! Maybe Siu Keng should forget this spineless creature and move on with her life.

Sigh~ Siu Keng is a good example of the saying "Nui dai but zhong lau". She keep begging her father not to kill Chu Kot - but she never thought about Chu Kot want to kill her father too. She naively think she could persuade Chu Kot to let her father go. Her father WILL die if caught. That is a fact. She also caused her two servants death by running out to save Chu Kot - in the last moment the servants (Si Ma Chan and Si Toh Fai) still cared for her and called her name in concern. I feel sad for this two weird henchmen - they still have feelings, you know.

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