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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 5-6

Episode 5

The next morning, TYGS felt uneasy and tried to tell Thirteen that Chu Kot and Siu Keng was seeing each other. TYGS was interrupted by Siu Keng and Chu Kot appearance. Thirteen asked Siu Keng to go hunting with him. Siu Keng asked TYGS and Chu Kot to join them, but TYGS politely declined. At the hunting trip, Thirteen and Chu Kot relationship improved and Chu Kot thanked Siu Keng for making opportunities for him to repair his friendship with Thirteen.

Jik Nui arrived at Bak Soh Yuen with Frozen Needles. TYGS asked for some relationship ‘experiences’ from Jik Nui after she boasted that she has a lot of suitors fighting for her attention. TYGS tested Siu Keng reaction after hearing Jik Nui stories and was relieved to know that she only had feelings for Chu Kot. Jik Nui went overboard with her boasting - claiming that one of her suitors gave her a precious glowing pearl, which Siu Keng excitedly request to have a look.

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Jik Nui searches for the Glowing Pearl

No wanting to be embarrassed in front of Siu Keng, Jik Nui searches the town for the glowing pearl. TYGS saw Jik Nui begging another person for a pearl and started to feel sorry for her. Failing to find a glowing pearl (which is rare), Jik Nui was shocked to see TYGS waiting in her room. Jik Nui gave him a pebble and TYGS pretended that he felt the ‘pearl’ glowing in his hand. When Siu Keng asked to see it, TYGS has exchanged the pebble with a real glowing pearl. Jik Nui was embarrassed that TYGS knew she was lying all along and feel that he is trying to mock her - no men will like her because of her violent temper. Seeing Jik Nui crying, TYGS comforted her and assured that she look pretty and adorable. Jik Nui was touched when TYGS gave her the glowing pearl.

With the new supply of frozen needles, Chu Kot healed rapidly. TYGS denied he has feelings for Jik Nui - he just wants to help her to be a lady since she’s actually a nice girl. The emperor summoned Chu Kot and Choi Ging to inform them that he received rumors of Chi Kou accumulating influence and soldiers in Dali. Choi Ging pushed all the responsibility on Chu Kot and the Emperor pressured him to go after Chi Kou without delay.

Chu Kot and Choi Ging were attracted to a famous singer-prostitute; Mong Dip (Nnadia Chan). Mong Dip agrees to see them only if they solved a puzzle. Choi Ging left disappointed as he doesn’t know the answer while Chu Kot correctly answered the puzzle with a poem.

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Kiss, Interrupted.

Chu Kot and Siu Keng shared a romantic night watching stars. As he lean closer to kiss Siu Keng, a shooting star appeared and Siu Keng swiftly make a wish - hoping that she’ll always able to see the guardian star Chu Kot showed her. Chu Kot catches a firefly as the token of the star and promises that he’ll accompany her to watch the star every 15th each month. He told Siu Keng he might be leaving for a dangerous trip as the Emperor has instructed him to catch Chi Kou.

Thirteen asked Siu Keng out and she took the opportunity to investigate Chu Kot plans to catch her father. Frustrated that Thirteen knew nothing, Siu Keng threw a tantrum and scolds Thirteen as hopeless as all he know is hunting and having fun. A real man should sacrifice for his country. Thirteen was stunned and decided to help Chu Kot catch Chi Kou. At the prostitute parlor, Mong Dip rewarded Chu Kot with a cup of wine since he answered her puzzled. Thirteen feel envious with Chu Kot skill with women and asked him for some advice. Chu Kot teaches him how to express his feelings to the girl he liked.

Thirteen confessed his feelings to Siu Keng and promises to be her guardian forever. Siu Keng was upset with his sudden declaration of love and leave without saying a word. Chu Kot discovered that Thirteen has fallen for Siu Keng but stopped TYGS from telling truth to him. Chu Kot explains to TYGS that he doesn’t want to hurt Thirteen’s feelings since they had just begun to repair their friendship.

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Here, try my special dessert - porcupine cake

Taking TYGS advice, Jik Nui changes her violent way and even made a coat for TYGS. Jik Nui sewing skill was terrible but TYGS praises her effort in making one (though I do feel he is mocking her inside). TYGS found a needle in his coat and strike a fly with it. Jik Nui saw this and was pissed that TYGS has lied to her all along. She decided to play a trick on TYGS by forcing him to eat dessert filled with needles. Jik Nui left Bak Soh Yuen angrily after TYGS admit the truth to her.

Siu Keng was reminded by her father servant that she must not betray her father for Chu Kot. Siu Keng wants to take a step further in her relationship with Chu Kot, hoping that Chu Kot will let go of her father for her sake. She goes to remind the hesitant Chu Kot about their date to watch the star that night (15th of the month). Meanwhile, Siu Keng has been trying to avoid Thirteen like plague. She told him that she never has feelings for him and he shouldn’t look for her anymore.

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Thirteen need to enrol himself in anger management classes

Thirteen was unable to accept Siu Keng rejection and vent his frustration with kung fu. He wants to destroy the handkerchief (I think it’s meant for Siu Keng) but he held back. Chu Kot sees this and realizes that Thirteen will not give up on pursuing Siu Keng…

Episode 6

Siu Keng waited for Chu Kot at the spot where they watched the stars, reminiscing about the sweet promises Chu Kot made to her. However, he never appeared and Siu Keng was angry to find him at the prostitution parlor. TYGS asked Chu Kot why he is hurting Siu Keng feelings for Thirteen. Chu Kot replies that Thirteen is more suitable for Siu Keng and only he can bring happiness to Siu Keng. He hopes Siu Keng will slowly forget him as time goes by…

Siu Keng vents her anger on the firefly Chu Kot gave her and accidentally releases it. Seeing her chasing after the firefly frantically, TYGS tell Chu Kot that Siu Keng will not forget him easily. TYGS decide to help Chu Kot and advice Siu Keng to give up on Chu Kot as he will never stay devoted to a woman. Siu Keng refuses to listen to TYGS, saying that she has confidence that Chu Kot will return by her side. TYGS tell her it will take a miracle to change Chu Kot - at that time the firefly flew back into the container and Siu Keng was overjoyed that miracles will happen.

Back at Divine Needle Sect, Jik Nui practices at the mirror with flowers and continues sewing a coat for TYGS. Granny Sun Jum notice Jik Nui has fallen in love with TYGS and persuade her to take the initiative step in their relationship…

Image Hosted by
Jik Nui: This diamond ring looks nice…
TYGS: (looking at $ tag) Oops, I forgot to bring my credit card!

TYGS felt strange when people start congratulating and giving gifts to him on the street. He bump into Jik Nui who was ordering wedding invitation - and the groom is himself! He tries avoiding Jik Nui but she is persistent and keeps calling him ‘husband’ affectionately. Chu Kot and Thirteen was shocked that Jik Nui is forcing TYGS to marry her. TYGS decide to go into hiding until Jik Nui gives up on him.

Jik Nui arrived at Bak Soh Yuen with her wedding entourage and starts to prepare for their wedding - ignoring TYGS and his brothers. Seeing that TYGS refused to marry Jik Nui, Granny Sun Jum resort to begging TYGS to give Jik Nui a chance as she has never seen Jik Nui so happy before. TYGS was at lost and decide to ask divination from heaven (fortune telling). He agrees to marry Jik Nui on the condition that she stop being bad-tempered and unreasonable.

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Jik Nui: Now smile or I’ll make your life a living hell…

On the wedding day, TYGS was reluctant but goes along with it anyway. Chu Kot tries to avoid Siu Keng and keep pushing her toward Thirteen (I’m really pissed off at this moment - what do Chu Kot think Siu Keng is? The ball (lantern) she’s holding in her hand that could be kicked around?).

Choi Ging invited Chu Kot over for a drink at the prostitution parlor. He demands Chu Kot to catch Chi Kou as soon as possible and Chu Kot rebuked that he has his own method in this matter. Choi Ging attempt to woo Mong Dip by presenting her with an expensive gift but Chu Kot think it was vulgar and superficial for a cultured lady like her. Chu Kot presented her with a fan with Du Mu poem on it instead. Choi Ging was displeased and left in a huff. Mong Dip was grateful of Chu Kot and they became close friends.

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Chu Kot befriends Mong Dip, the pop star among prostitutes

Chu Kot was surprised to see Siu Keng waiting for him in the rain. Despite Siu Keng half pleading with him, Chu Kot tells her that their relationship is over for good and walked away…

Jik Nui notices Siu Keng was unhappy and comforted Siu Keng. Chu Kot continues to ignore Siu Keng and even invited Mong Dip as a special guest to the wedding. Chu Kot and Mong Dip intimate behavior at the wedding made her even more jealous and upset. Thirteen was drunk; therefore Siu Keng helped him to his room. In his drunken state he asks Siu Keng not to leave - someday he’ll build a career that will make her proud of him. However, Siu Keng didn’t pay attention as she saw Chu Kot entering his room with Mong Dip. She saw their shadows (kissing) from the door…

On the other hand, TYGS was so busy worrying about Chu Kot and Siu Keng that he totally ignored Jik Nui. Jik Nui was drunk and starts blathering about their wedding night and future life together. After Jik Nui fell asleep, TYGS sigh at his predicament…

The next morning, Mong Dip found Siu Keng asleep outside the room. She woke her up and tell her effort was futile; no matter how many night Siu Keng spend waiting for Chu Kot, he will never return to her. Mong Dip gloat what a great night she and Chu Kot has and asked Siu Keng whether she’s interested to learn the ‘art of bedroom’ from her. Siu Keng was disgusted and slapped Mong Dip.

Image Hosted by
Jik Nui: I’m not as cheap as you!
Mong Dip: That slap will cost you anything but ‘cheap’, Chu Kot...

Chu Kot came out after Siu Keng ran away. Mong Dip asked why he is doing this to Siu Keng since he still cared for her. Chu Kot replied that this was for her own good. He apologizes to Mong Dip about the slap. Mong Dip smiled and say it’s alright because it was only surface pain for her meanwhile Chu Kot is painful in his heart (for chasing Siu Keng away).

The emperor ordered Chu Kot to gather forces and travel to Dali to catch Chi Kou. Siu Keng eavesdrops during Chu Kot meeting with the wulin world to find out about their plan. However, Siu Keng refuses to divulge Chu Kot route to Dali to her father’s servant after knowing that they plan to ambush Chu Kot in his journey. The servants, after serving Siu Keng for so many years, see through her lies and guessed the correct route.

Siu Keng follows Chu Kot and Thirteen to Dali and they were ambushed in their journey…

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Poor Siu Keng, really wish she loved thirteen instead of Chu Kot. Thirteen might not as romantic as Chu Kot but he was so devoted and faithful to Siu Keng.


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