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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 3- 4

Episode 3

Thirteen was furious and challenged Chu Kot to fight on the spot. Chu Kot refuses, therefore Thirteen left in a huff. Choi Ging, who has observed the argument decided to provoke Thirteen jealousy further. Missing Chu Kot, Siu Keng releases a Hong Ming lantern, wishing to see him again. TYGS noticed the floating lantern and Chu Kot sense Siu Keng was nearby after he read the poem attached to the lantern. Suddenly Jik Nui appeared and demanded TYGS to hand over his eyes as promised. Chu Kot was injured by the Frozen Needle when Jik Nui suddenly attacked TYGS. Feeling guilty, Jik Nui decides to let TYGS go briefly.

Chu Kot vital point was blocked by the Frozen Needle, thus he was unable to exert inner energy. TYGS was worried because Chu Kot kung fu would be destroyed should he use inner energy forcibly. Knowing that Jik Nui wouldn’t give them the Frozen Needle to heal Chu Kot, TYGS has no choice but try to produce the cure himself.

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(Siu Keng releases a lantern hoping to see Chu Kot again)

Chu Kot and TYGS were surprised with Thirteen appearance at the “Jiu Onn” ceremony. The emperor was supposed to appoint Chu Kot as the wulin world leader and Choi Ging congratulates Chu Kot, saying that he must be top martial exponent in the wulin world. Hearing this, Thirteen stepped out to voice his dissatisfaction – he doesn’t think Chu Kot is number one in martial skills. Choi Ging took this opportunity to suggest that an immediate duel between Chu Kot and Thirteen should be held. Chu Kot has no choice but to agree. TYGS tried to talk some sense into Thirteen but Thirteen just walked away. TYGS then hurries home to produce a medicine to heal Chu Kot when Jik Nui shows up and demand his eyes again.

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(Chu Kot tries his best to fend off Thirteen’ attacks. Good kungfu choreography coupled with impressive special effects.)

Jik Nui refuses to listen to TYGS excuses and destroyed TYGS medicine for Chu Kot. In their struggle, TYGS accidentally molest Jik Nui. Back to the duel, Chu Kot was unable to hold off much longer and he was injured by Thirteen. The emperor was worried about Chu Kot and wanted to end the duel but Choi Ging stopped him, saying that it is considered an insult in the wulin world for a third party to end a duel. To end a duel, one party must admit defeat. Choi Ging knew both Chu Kot and Thirteen will not admit defeat – thus a possibility of death to either one or both of them. The emperor decides to halt the duel to late afternoon.

TYGS tricked Jik Nui into a room filled with maze and hurries to the palace. TYGS told Thirteen that Chu Kot was injured and he has his own reason to accept the challenge today. Thirteen refused to listen to TYGS – but at last moment he remembered TYGS words and held back his attacking power. However, Chu Kot regained some of his inner energy and injured Thirteen seriously. The emperor formally announced Chu Kot as the winner, leaving Thirteen feel cheated and betrayed by TYGS and Chu Kot.

Back at Bak Soh Yuen, Thirteen refused to accept Chu Kot apology. Choi Ging appeared and convinced Thirteen that his two brothers plotted against him because they were afraid Thirteen will one day be more superior to them. TYGS tell Thirteen not to trust Choi Ging but Thirteen decide to break his ties with them. (For the first time, TYGS look like he was about to strangle Choi Ging). Chu Kot wanted to chase after Thirteen but he was actually seriously injured as well.

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(Siu Keng found the unconscious Thirteen – another important person in her fate)

Siu Keng escaped from her home to look for Chu Kot. She head off to Bak Soh Yuen and found Thirteen lying unconscious. Thirteen awakened in the old temple and was grateful of Siu Keng kindness.

TYGS was troubled by Chu Kot injuries and Thirteen disappearance when Siu Keng arrived at Bak Soh Yuen. He mistaken her as Jik Nui martial art sister and warned her that he is in a bad mood. Siu Keng came out with an idea to help TYGS clear his misunderstanding with Jik Nui. Siu Keng pretended to be trapped with Jik Nui in the maze room and rescued Jik Nui. She then fake blinding TYGS in front of Jik Nui.

Jik Nui was satisfied to get her revenge at last and became good friends with Siu Keng. She asked Siu Keng to follow her back to Divine Needle Sect to be a disciple. On their way they pass by the hot spring and Siu Keng suggested washing their face with the spring water. She made Jik Nui realized that the sulphur in the water stings the eyes – thus it was impossible for TYGS to watch her bathing. Siu Keng made Jik Nui to feel guilty and suggested she should lend some Frozen Needle to heal TYGS eyes.

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(TYGS and Siu Keng putting a ‘fine’ act in front of Jik Nui)

After watching the pitiful ‘blind’ TYGS, Jik Nui agrees to lend some frozen needle until he recovers his sight. TYGS use the frozen needle to stabilize Chu Kot injuries. TYGS thanked Siu Keng while Chu Kot was happy to see her again. Siu Keng told them that she rescued a man which could be Thirteen and Chu Kot asks TYGS to use the rest of the frozen needles to heal Thirteen. Thirteen was still angry at TYGS and Chu Kot therefore TYGS ask Siu Keng to take care of Thirteen while secretly curing him with his medicines.

Siu Keng shuffle between Bak Soh Yuen and the old temple to take care of Chu Kot and Thirteen respectively. Chu Kot and Siu Keng tell how much they missed each other and Chu Kot ask her stay by his side. Siu Keng wondered if Chu Kot treated her so caringly only because he mistook her for the Jeneral’s daughter. She cooked one last meal for him and left a note telling him the truth that she has lied to him that she was the Jeneral’s daughter…

Siu Keng father Chi Kou went to meet Choi Ging to blackmail him for more money since Choi Ging stopped sending money 2 years ago. Choi Ging refused and Chi Kou threatened to spill the beans to his enemy: Chu Kot. Choi Ging was livid but agreed to give him the money at a later date. Chi Kou returns home and found Siu Keng missing again. Because his betrayal to Jeneral Fu Yuen 20 years ago, the wulin world hated him, forcing him to go into hiding. He was worried Siu Keng might be harmed if they found out she was his daughter. Siu Keng overheard this and was disappointed with her father. Frustrated, Chi Kou slapped her and Siu Keng ran way…

More screencaps:

Episode 4

Chu Kot was worried since he found out that Siu Keng was not Jeneral’s daughter. TYGS knew Chu Kot has fallen for Siu Keng and point out that she lied because she wanted to get close to Chu Kot. Plus, not only she never harmed him, she also helped them. TYGS tell Chu Kot they doesn’t really have to look for the Jeneral’s daughter as long as they cleared his case – then the real jeneral’s daughter status as fugitive will be removed as well. Chu Kot agrees and hurries to instruct the wulin world to look for Chi Kou since he’s the only proof that Jeneral Fu Yuen did not commit treason.

Seeing that they had used up all the remaining frozen needles to cure Thirteen, TYGS continues to pretend being blind so that Jik Nui will lend more to them. Jik Nui brings TYGS to a flower field and was disappointed that TYGS has not regained his sight.

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(Be it modern or ancient time, flowers are still the way to a girl’s heart)

On their way back to Bak Soh Yuen, Jik Nui get irritated when anyone ever mentioned the word ‘blind’ and beat them up to vent her guilt. TYGS buy some flowers and asked Jik Nui to hold on to them. He sweet talked Jik Nui that he feels that she is much prettier holding flowers than fists (beating up people). Jik Nui is happy but pretended to throw away the flowers. TYGS voice his disappointment that Jik Nui should ‘hold’ flowers more often.

Siu Keng saw a happy family walking pass on the street and started to feel sorry for herself. She visited a fortune teller who tells her that she was not fated to be with the man she love but also encouraged her not to give up so easily. Feeling bored, Siu Keng drag Thirteen to go out with her. Thirteen brings Siu Keng to eat what he call the best food on earth but they bump into the 3 leaders. The 3 leaders misunderstood that Thirteen has betrayed Chu Kot by challenging him at the “Jiu Onn” ceremony. Siu Keng tells the angry Thirteen not to get into fight and he left in a huff with Siu Keng chasing behind.

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(Thirteen having conversation with Siu Keng – probably more words than he ever spoke in a whole year)

Thirteen quickly realizes his mistake when he saw Siu Keng running after him without complaining. To make up for it, Thirteen show his skill in hunting for dinner since their original plan to taste ‘best food on earth’ was dashed. Siu Keng praises Thirteen hunting skill and he tell her about his childhood. Siu Keng finally understands why Thirteen hate losing – in his world, winning means survival while losing means death. Thirteen was glad because Siu Keng was the only person who understand his feelings – something he think TYGS and Chu Kot never will. He tried consoling Siu Keng disappointment about her father, advising her not to think about unhappy stuff (Wow, Thirteen being positive for once!).

Choi Ging wants to kill Chi Kou since he knew too much. However, Chi Kou and his servant martial skill were good and they managed to escape. Chu Kot assembles all the wulin leaders and requested them to search for Chi Kou whereabouts. Choi Ging arrives to inform Chu Kot that Chi Kou has returned to the capital and said that Jeneral Fu Yuen might be framed 20 years ago. Chu Kot was suspicious of Choi Ging intention but agrees anyway as it also serve his own purpose to remove jeneral treason status. Choi Ging tell Zhong Shu he planned to use Chu Kot to get rid of Chi Kou and perhaps harming himself in the process.

Thirteen has fully recovered from his injuries and thanked Siu Keng for her care. He promised to fulfill any of her wishes. Siu Keng brings Thirteen to Bak Soh Yuen and wished that Thirteen forgives TYGS and Chu Kot. She explains that Chu Kot and TYGS has been healing him secretly all along. Thirteen has no choice but to fulfill his promise to Siu Keng.

Chu Kot was expressing his concern about Choi Ging ulterior motive to capture Chi Kou. TYGS agrees and they wished aloud that Thirteen was here to help them. Thirteen arrived and announced that he has accepted their apology but he has no intent to restore their former friendship. He is only here for Siu Keng sake. Chu Kot was pleased to hear that Siu Keng was also here and TYGS hurries to invite her in. Suddenly a servant rushed in to inform them Siu Keng has been taken away.
Thirteen quickly rush out to rescue her…

Siu Keng refused to leave with her father. She has accepted the fact that he was Chi Kou but she feel that they should stop running away anymore. As Chi Kou force her to leave, Thirteen and Chu Kot arrive. Chu Kot recognized him but he was unable to defeat Chi Kou since he has not recovered from his injuries. Chi Kou managed to escape after TYGS tell Thirteen not to go after him.

Chu Kot attempt to repair his relationship with Thirteen as they go a long way back. Thirteen bravely saved Chu Kot life when they first met as kids. Thirteen seem pacified but he still wanted to leave Bak Soh Yuen. Siu Keng blocked his way and asks him to protect them in case Chi Kou came back. Thirteen finally agrees. Siu Keng takes care of the injured Chu Kot but feel awkward around each other. TYGS was aware of this and scold Chu Kot for being hesitant in his feelings.

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(Q不怕旧, 最重要受!) Chu Kot repeats the same old trick

Siu Keng decided she should leave because she doesn’t want Chu Kot to be torn between her and his quest if he ever found out that she is Chi Kou’s daughter. To her surprise, Chu Kot filled Bak Soh Yuen with lanterns and tell her that he feels lonely watching them alone. He gave her a mini Hong Ming lantern he made himself and confess to Siu Keng that he doesn’t care about her real identity. What he care is Siu Keng is important to him and he hope she will always be by his side. Siu Keng was touched and agrees to stay. (Hmm… are they officially boyfriend – girlfriend now?)

TYGS couldn’t help but tease Siu Keng and Chu Kot at breakfast. Chu Kot suddenly received news of Chi Kou whereabouts and plan to capture him as soon as possible. Siu Keng feels restless after hearing this and persuaded Chu Kot not to go as it was too dangerous. Thirteen appeared and volunteered to go instead. Siu Keng was upset and secretly follows after Thirteen to prevent him from capturing her father. At a critical moment, Siu Keng distracts Thirteen attention by purposely falling into the river. Thirteen catches her from falling and she pretended to faint to help her father escape. (Notice that Thirteen call out ‘Siu Keng’ in concern instead of ‘Miss’ Siu Keng – Chu Kot and Thirteen usually call her this)

TYGS and Chu Kot were worried about Thirteen safety since he goes after Chi Kou. The servant informed them that Siu Keng has gone missing again – TYGS calmed Chu Kot down and tell him maybe Siu Keng has gone out for a walk. He will go out to see whether she has returned.

Thirteen misunderstood Siu Keng went after him because she was worried about his safety. He was touched as Siu Keng was the only person who genuinely cared and treated him kindly. Siu Keng says nothing as she was feeling guilty. Thirteen wanted to continue chasing Chi Kou but Siu Keng sprained her ankle. He carries her on his arm and realizes that he has fallen for Siu Keng.

Image Hosted by
(TYGS smells something fishy...)

TYGS walked out just in time to see Thirteen carrying Siu Keng back. Thirteen took the blame for failing to catch Chi Kou and urges TYGS to treat Siu Keng ankle immediately. Luckily it was just minor injuries and Thirteen quickly helped her into Bak Soh Yuen – his shoe was badly damaged but he didn’t notice this. TYGS feel suspicious and his fear was confirmed when he approached Thirteen. Thirteen confess to him that he has fallen in love with Siu Keng…

More screencaps:

Major spoilers
Hehe… I know some people were curious how Thirteen got the scar on his face. Here’s what I know from the novel version:

In the book, Thirteen was supposedly to be very handsome. In fact, he was better looking than Chu Kot! That’s why Thirteen feel confident that he has more chance with Siu Keng; not only was he good looking, he is also more devoted to her (he literally worships the ground she walked on) when Chu Kot has a ‘feminine’ face and led a debauched lifestyle – women & wine.

However, Chu Kot and Thirteen were supposed to chase after Chi Kou and Chu Kot let Thirteen kill him. Siu Keng was devastated and seeks Thirteen for revenge but could not bring herself to kill him – for she once hurt his feelings. She strike him twice – once on his face, creating a long, thin scar (and forever flawing his handsome face), then another on the chest which nearly killed him.

In the end, Siu Keng did marry Thirteen for revenge against Chu Kot – for they both misunderstood Chu Kot setting a trap up. You could say their marriage was based on hate (more on Siu Keng’s part) and revenge (Thirteen). In the novel, Thirteen did not own the Grieving arrow – it was given to him as wedding dowry by Siu Keng. To help him master the deadly skill, she voluntarily sleeps with another man to acquire a secret manual – resulting Thirteen killing her with the first Grieving Arrow he mastered. In the series, however – it was divulged that Siu Keng will commit suicide in front of Thirteen and Chu Kot.

For Jik Nui and TYGS part, TYGS manages to found Jik Nui but she refuses to see him because she was afflicted with a strange disease – causing her to grow old. Because of what happened to Jik Nui and Thirteen (scarring his face), TYGS feels guilty and went reclusive in Bak Soh Yuen, never to step out again for many years. TYGS broke his promise to Thirteen (never step out again) and Jik Nui died in his arm trying to save him from Thirteen. TYGS also died in the end. His whole family – himself, his wife (Jik Nui) and their son death was associated with Thirteen.

Chu Kot will end up alone as the other novels (Four Constables etc) also mentioned so. In fact, the four constables were actually his disciples. In this series version, they were only his assistant (and around the same age too!). Siu Keng was the love of his life – he was very heartbroken when she married Thirteen and even more when Thirteen killed her.

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Thank for wonderful Blog and summary.
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