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Monday, January 31, 2005

Strike At Heart episode 13-14


Episode 13

TYGS chased Sam Bin Dou away and brought Jik Nui back to the inn. Jik Nui doesn’t remember what happened so TYGS bring her back to the temple to show her that the Taoist was indeed a bad person. Jik Nui can remember the San Tze Ging as the Taoist recites it to hypnotize her but refuse to help TYGS as she was still jealous of Mong Dip.

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Jik Nui hold on to TYGS hand

TYGS apologized to Chu Kot as he was unable to persuade Jik Nui to recite the San Tze Ging to him. Chu Kot tell TYGS he should return to Bak Soh Yuen not because for the manual, but because Jik Nui need his attention. Jik Nui was still angry at TYGS and prohibited the servants to let him in Bak Soh Yuen. TYGS arrive in time to save Jik Nui from Sam Bin Dou again and promised to stay at her side. Jik Nui fall asleep holding TYGS hand.

TYGS hurries to copy the manual when Jik Nui suddenly recites the San Tze Ging in her dream. The next morning, Jik Nui was pleased to see TYGS asleep by her side, still holding her hand. Jik Nui confide to Siu Keng how happy she was since TYGS stayed back after the incident with Sam Bin Dou. However, her delight was short lived when she caught TYGS with a copy of the manual. She misunderstand that TYGS stayed back to cheat the manual from her.

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Welcome to Miserable Wives Club

Siu Keng persuades Jik Nui not to blame TYGS as he was only trying to help Chu Kot. Jik Nui say she understands but she was frustrated that TYGS always put his friends in the first place and she will always be the last place in his heart. She wished TYGS would treat her like Thirteen cherished Siu Keng. Jik Nui used to feel that Siu Keng would never be happy because she has to marry someone she doesn’t love but it seems that Jik Nui herself was the unlucky one to marry someone is who love her less than she does. Siu Keng tells Jik Nui that a woman’s desire was very simple – to set up a family and live peacefully with the man she love. Jik Nui gave her the San Tze Ging as Siu Keng really wishes Thirteen will win the tournament.

Thirteen kung fu start to increase rapidly after he mastered the first level from the manual. Thirteen was positive that he could win over Chu Kot and make Siu Keng feel proud of him. On the other hand, Chu Kot also practices the San Tze Ging with the help of TYGS. However, he feel something was wrong with the manual as he couldn’t get pass the second level, as if some strange energy is blocking his internal points…

Choi Ging wants Mong Dip to continue draining Chu Kot internal energy after he found out that both Chu Kot and Thirteen was learning San Tze Ging. She has to make sure that Chu Kot fail defeat Thirteen in the upcoming tournament.

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Thirteen nearly lose his mind 走火入魔

Thirteen also encounter problem when he try to master the second level. However, he pushed himself as Choi Ging informed him that Chu Kot was progressing with the manual. As the result, he injured himself. Siu Keng asked him to stop practicing the manual but Thirteen refused to listen to her. Worried Thirteen might hurt himself further; Siu Keng decided to check on Chu Kot to see how far he is on the manual.

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Love and hate are the same sides of a coin

Chu Kot goes berserk trying to break through the second level of San Tze Ging. Worried, Siu Keng ran out to stop him. She pleaded Chu Kot to regain his sense as he tried to kill her. He fainted and Siu Keng revived him with internal energy. Realizing that she just saved the man that she was supposed to hate, Siu Keng ran away…

TYGS bring the unconscious Chu Kot back to Shen Hou mansion. He learned from TYGS that he would have died if somebody doesn’t unblock his energy points in the first place. Chu Kot wonders who saved him…

Knowing that San Tze Ging is harmful, Chu Kot has no choice but to stop practicing it, He asked TYGS to stop Thirteen from practicing this dangerous manual as well. Back at Yuan mansion, Siu Keng threw a tantrum as she was disgusted with herself for saving Chu Kot. She hates herself for still loving Chu Kot. Jik Nui understands her pain and consoles Siu Keng.

Since the last incident (the duel episode 3), Thirteen distrust TYGS as he always help Chu Kot to deceive him. Therefore, he refused to listen to TYGS advice. Jik Nui was pissed that TYGS was not here to coax her back home. TYGS suspected that Siu Keng saved Chu Kot…

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Siu Keng: 你傷心﹐所以我開心。只要你痛苦﹐我才得到幸福﹗

Chu Kot requested to meet Siu Keng and pleaded with her to stop Thirteen from practicing the manual. Siu Keng tells him that it’s no use begging her. Not only she won’t stop Thirteen; she will push him to master the manual – just to defeat Chu Kot. Chu Kot was saddened that Siu Keng has changed into another person. Siu Keng tells him that Thirteen willingly sacrificed himself to make her happy and question Chu Kot willingness to sacrifice for her. To see him suffering is her ultimate happiness.

Chu Kot regrets his decision in the past seeing that Siu Keng hates him to such extent. He agrees to Mong Dip suggestion to let go of the jeneral post to Thirteen. Choi Ging was puzzled to hear Chu Kot decision from Mong Dip. Mong Dip tells him that Chu Kot sacrificed the post for love, causing Choi Ging to misunderstand and question her loyalty.

Thirteen also caught the news that Chu Kot plan to give up the jeneral post. Siu Keng advises him to discontinue practicing the manual as he doesn’t need to fight Chu Kot anymore. Thirteen refused to listen as he feels that this was a set up by TYGS and Chu Kot. Siu Keng was not convinced by Thirteen’s assurance that the manual is safe.

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Aspirin, anyone?

Siu Keng was worried for Thirteen after hearing him shouting while learning the manual. Thirteen refused to let her in and asked her not to disturb him. He broke through the second level but goes berserk (走火入魔) as a side effect…

Thirteen behavior was visibly unstable during the tournament. The wulin world doesn’t dare to challenge him after witnessing two participants getting crushed viciously. Chu Kot finally arrived…

Episode 14

Eager to display his newfound power, Thirteen attacked Chu Kot even though Chu Kot has publicly declined to fight. The emperor was disappointed that Chu Kot was willing to be humiliated by Thirteen. Chu Kot explained to the emperor that he doesn’t want to fight for the jeneral post because he doesn’t want to hurt the people around him. He told the emperor that Thirteen will be a capable jeneral.

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Chu Kot get beaten to pulp by Thirteen

Zhui Ming and Lang Huet was angry with Thirteen insulting Chu Kot in public. Thirteen challenged them to a fight and defeated them. He was about to kill them if not for Chu Kot who rushed out to stop him. Chu Kot finally agrees to fight with Thirteen. However, he was no rival to Thirteen’s power. Siu Keng rescued Chu Kot by ordering Thirteen to stop. The emperor announced Thirteen as the winner and the new jeneral.

Since Thirteen has no experience in war, the emperor suggests using Chu Kot to assist him. Choi Ging tells the emperor that was a bad idea as Chu Kot has questionable characters. The emperor ordered Thirteen to go to the borders to wage sovereign over the Gum people. Choi Ging persuades Thirteen not to consult with Siu Keng anymore as a man should have their own opinion, instead of listening to their wife. He then offered assistance to Thirteen by informing him which area he should station the soldiers.

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Choi Ging introduce Thirteen to the MCP club

Seeing that he has fallen out of favor from the emperor, Chu Kot decided not to meddle in politics and dismiss Lang Huet and Zhui Ming from their services.

Jik Nui asked Siu Keng why she stopped Thirteen from killing Chu Kot during the tournament. She tell Jik Nui that she wasn’t concerned for Chu Kot; she just doesn’t want Thirteen to give a bad impression to the emperor. She is a bit worried for Thirteen because he seems to avoid discussing matters with her recently. Jik Nui assures her that perhaps Thirteen doesn’t want her to worry too much – unlike her own husband TYGS. Jik Nui blamed Chu Kot for leading TYGS astray and vowed to beat him up if she ever saw him.

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Eyes on me - Chu Kot briefly forget that Siu Keng was married

They bumped into TYGS and Chu Kot sending Lang Huet and Zhui Ming off. Jik Nui ordered TYGS to follow her back home but he refused as he need to cure Mong Dip. Jik Nui threw a fit after TYGS inform her that Mong Dip is pregnant – she suspected TYGS was the father. TYGS was clearly embarrassed by Jik Nui irrational antics and walked away. Chu Kot glances at Siu Keng awkwardly but did not explain Mong Dip pregnancy.

At the restaurant, Siu Keng was certain that Mong Dip’s baby was most probably Chu Kot’s anyway. Zhong Shu overheard this when he accompanies Thirteen to the restaurant and reported back to Choi Ging. Choi Ging was furious…

Chu Kot continue to heal Mong Dip using his internal energy. Chu Kot tell her that even though he failed to learn San Tze Ging, he will try his best to cure her because they are close friend. Mong Dip feel guilty seeing that Chu Kot treated her so kindly without doubt. Mong Dip even played a trick on Leader Tong after he tried to humiliate Chu Kot on the street.

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A good kick!

Choi Ging confront Mong Dip about her pregnancy and accused her of being unfaithful. Mong Dip swears it was his baby and begged him to allow her to continue pregnancy. Choi Ging pretended to trust her…

Siu Keng asked Thirteen to be careful of the cunning Choi Ging. Thirteen tell her that he is just using Choi Ging help temporarily; he won’t need him anymore after he come back successfully from his mission. Siu Keng and Jik Nui wished Thirteen success in his mission.

Choi Ging inform the Gum messenger that he have set a trap for Thirteen. While Thirteen stationed his soldiers at the location recommended by Choi Ging, the Gum force will invade the country at the opposite location. Zhong Shu caught a villager spying on them. Choi Ging killed him even though he was deaf and dumb. The man was actually sent by Chu Kot to spy on Choi Ging. Before his death he left a message written in blood for Chu Kot to inform him of Choi Ging evil plot. All along Chu Kot has faked being disenchanted with politics and purposely sending Zhui Ming and Lang Huet away to make Choi Ging loosen his guard. Chu Kot hope to nab the Gum messenger alive.

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Choi Ging asked Mong Dip to go on a mission – the same night after she lost her baby?!

Choi Ging suspect that Mong Dip is helping Chu Kot to spy on him. On the pretext of saving Mong Dip, he killed her baby during the healing process. Choi Ging thought that the baby was Chu Kot’s. Mong Dip was extremely grieved and believed Choi Ging’s excuses.

The same night, Choi Ging asked her to assassinate the Gum messenger. Mong Dip feel that Choi Ging started to distrust her as he doesn’t inform her of the target beforehand. He want her to complete another assassination for him at the prostitution parlor…

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To kill, or not to kill?

At the prostitution parlor, Mong Dip received another instruction to kill the person inside the room. She was surprised to find the drunken Chu Kot inside. Mong Dip draw the dagger…

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