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Friday, January 14, 2005

Strike At Heart Episode 1-2 summary & screencaps

Episode 1

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Chu Kot saves the day while Choi Ging bitch incessantly behind his back

Northern Song Dynasty. Under corrupted minister Choi Ging (Sek Sau) rule, the people suffered and the wulin (martial art) world hated him. The story begins with the assassination attempt on the Emperor by Sword Saint (cameo by Ko Hung). After a vicious fight, Chu Kot Zheng Ngo (Joe Ma) defeats Sword Saint. Before committing suicide, Sword Saint reminds Chu Kot of his responsibility to the wulin world. Choi Ging always attempt to slander Chu Kot in front of the emperor but Chu Kot continue to gain the emperor’s trust after presenting him with Sword Saint’s head. Choi Ging suggest to the emperor to wipe out the wulin world since they might be associate with rebel Jeneral Fu Yuen.

Feeling guilty of Sword Saint death, Chu Kot visits his elder martial brother Tin Yee Gui See (Sunny Chan) who lives a carefree life in Bak Soh Yuen. Chu Kot became a minister because he wanted revenge for Jeneral Fu Yuen – who was wrongly framed for treason by Choi Ging and murdered by Chi Kou 20 years ago. He promised the deceased Jeneral to find and protect his newborn daughter. At this time Chu Kot received a challenge letter by 3 wulin leader who wanted revenge for Sword Saint. Tin Yee Gui See was worried because Chu Kot was internally injured after his duel with Sword Saint.

On their way to challenge Chu Kot, the three wulin leader was injured by a mysterious swordsman. He turns out to be Yuen Sap Sam Han - Thirteen (Stephen Au), Chu Kot’s younger martial brother. Apart from wanting to help Chu Kot, he felt that only he is worthy opponent of Chu Kot in martial art. The 3 brothers have finally reunited after 10 years. After losing to Chu Kot in their last duel, Thirteen went in recluse to improve his martial skill – Seung Sam Siew Jin (Grieving Arrow). Thirteen agrees to postpone their duel until Chu Kot recovers from his injury.

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Chu Kot: Hey, losing is no big deal
Thirteen: Easy for you to say!

Since his entry into politics, Chu Kot pretends to be a corrupted minister and often spend his time in wine and women. In reality, he continually searches for the missing daughter of Jeneral Fu using an identical jade Jeneral gave him.

A young girl dashed through the streets in attempt to escape from an old man. She puts on a mask and pretends to be a street performer. Chu Kot was passing by and prevented her from falling during her stunts. The young girl wanted to approach him to thank him but dashed away when she saw the old man. In her escape, her pouch was stole by thief – it contained the identical jade Chu Kot has. Chu Kot received the jade after it was pawned by the thief. He asked Tin Yee Gui See to ask the guy (presumably the thief) where he got the jade while he himself go out on the street in attempt to trace the Jeneral’s daughter.

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Our hero rescued the damsel twice

After losing her pouch, the girl wanders the street and feeling hungry, she ate a bowl of noodle – with no money to pay for it. Chu Kot was passing by when he overheard the argument and paid the money for her. He found out she was the owner of the pouch and suggested to look for a place for her to stay. The girl introduces herself as Siu Keng – Mirror (Charmaine Sheh) and was unusually trustful of strangers.

Tin Yee Gui See and the pawnshop owner found the thief murdered and he was accused of murder by Zhong Shu (Derek Kwok), Choi Ging assistant. Chu Kot mysterious kindness to her invokes Siu Keng curiosity but before she knew him further, Lang Huet – Cold Blood arrived to inform him that Tin Yee Gui See has been captured by Choi Ging. The next day, Chu Kot visits Choi Ging manor to investigate about this matter but Choi Ging adamantly accused TYGS of murder – and treason by association with Fu Yuen rebels. Being rashful, Thirteen break into jail to rescue TYGS. Chu Kot tries to stop him and TYGS threatened to commit suicide if Thirteen doesn’t leave at once.

Thirteens’ action made Choi Ging suspicious of Chu Kot association with Jeneral Fu Yuen. Nevertheless, he set a trap to accuse Chu Kot and Thirteen of being rebels. Chu Kot manages to rescue Siu Keng from Choi Ging henchmen and left her in a fishing village. Siu Keng was bewildered why so many people were after her so Chu Kot tells her it’s her jade – and her identity. Before Siu Keng can explain about the jade, their conversation was cut short with news of TYGS will be executed the next morning.

Chu Kot stopped Thirteen from rescuing TYGS and Thirteen misunderstood him of being cowardly and corrupted. He convinced Thirteen to have trust in him that he will save TYGS. Chu Kot attempts to delay the execution – the four constables arrived in time with proof that Choi Ging took the money intended to help the disaster victims. Choi Ging has no choice but to let TYGS go in exchange of this dirty secret.

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The Four Constables: Mou Qing (Ruthless), Tit Sau (Iron Hand), Lang Huet (Cold Blooded) and Zhui Ming (Life Chaser)

The 3 brothers were rejoicing when Thirteen voiced out his desire to duel with Chu Kot, since he has fully healed. Chu Kot try to coax Thirteen out of it but TYGS agreed on the duel – and set the time himself. In private, Chu Kot was troubled by TYGS decision, as he hates the idea of brother harming one another in the duel. TYGS has some tricks up his sleeves and tell Chu Kot not to worry…

On the day of the duel, Chu Kot and Thirteen has a fierce duel. In their last move, the lightning cancelled Chu Kot’s spear attack and Thirteen arrow defeat Chu Kot by a fraction…
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Episode 2

Thirteen was overjoyed with his narrow win – for 10 years this was what he dreamed of. Seeing that Thirteen emotional barrier has weakened, Chu Kot asked Thirteen to aid him in the ministry. Since Thirteen felt that his wish was fulfilled, he agreed to stay and help. When TYGS and Chu Kot were alone, the latter thanked TYGS with his idea of helping him lose to Thirteen. Though TYGS martial skill was not as great as Chu Kot and Thirteen, he was an expert in intellectual field – chess, qin and astrology studies. Chu Kot doesn’t mind losing to Thirteen – as both of them cared about his feelings.

Choi Ging presented Siu Keng’s jade to the emperor and persuaded him to exterminate the wulin world again. Chu Kot suggested the ‘jiu onn’ – inviting the wulin people to join and serve the government. The emperor agrees and bestowed this task to Chu Kot. TYGS know Chu Kot was troubled by the task – 1. He was worried about Siu Keng safety if he was away 2. Thirteen has previously injured the 3 wulin leaders. TYGS volunteers to go to Sun Jum Mun (Divine Needles Sect) to cure the 3 leaders as they were rejected by Granny Sun Jum. Thirteen offered to assassinate Choi Ging thus TYGS force him to tag along to prevent him from doing anything brash.

Siu Keng was enjoying her stay at the fishing village. Upon knowing Chu Kot will be coming, she goes out to buy ingredients for dinner. To her horror, all the villagers were dead when she returned, including the couple she stayed with. Chu Kot came too late and told her that the assassins were after her. He brings her to Jeneral Fu Yuen grave and told her the story 20 years ago. Siu Keng realizes Chu Kot has mistaken her for Jeneral’s daughter and wanted to explain to him. However, upon hearing Chu Kot pledge protect and follow her no matter where she goes; it seems that Siu Keng changed her mind. She then asked Chu Kot to bring her tour around town.

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Get some useful dating tips from our love guru Chu Kot

Siu Keng was excited there will be a Lantern Festival that night but Chu Kot rejected her pleas to go as it was too dangerous. As a result, Siu Keng and Chu Kot was stuck having dinner in Siu Keng room. Siu Keng told Chu Kot that she actually runaway from home just to see the Lantern festival. Turn out that Siu Keng parents met in a Lantern Festival after her mother lit a Hong Ming lantern. Since her mother passed away, her father has been over-protective and disallowed her to leave home without a bunch of servants following her.

Chu Kot realized that Siu Keng really wanted to see the lanterns so he brings her out in the middle of the night, after everyone left. As he floats in the air with Siu Keng in his arms, he lights the lantern one by one as they past. Soon the streets were illuminated by colorful lanterns and Chu Kot presented a Hong Ming lantern he made himself to Siu Keng. Siu Keng was touched and felt guilty for lying to Chu Kot. Chu Kot tells her to hurry make her wish and Siu Keng asked him not to be mad at her – as she wanted to tell him something after making her wish. Chu Kot agrees. Siu Keng accidentally releases the lantern before making a wish and Chu Kot went to retrieve. When he returned, Siu Keng was missing…

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Siu Keng attempts to sweet talk her way out of trouble

Siu Keng was captured by her father’s servant. Her father was really worried and traveled to the capital to look for her. After given a scolding, Siu Keng sweet talked her father. When she returned to her room, it was revealed that her father is Chi Kou – and now he has changed his name and acquired vast wealth and power in Dali. Though it was risky returning to the capital, he had to because Siu Keng was the apple in his eye. To prevent anyone from knowing his or Siu Keng trace, he ordered the murder of the thief and the fishing village.

Meanwhile, TYGS and Thirteen arrived on Sun Jum Sect mountain. They found the 3 leader resting in a hut. Thirteen apologized to the leaders and TYGS offered to heal them. Sun Jum Sect has rejected to heal them because they were men. The 3 leaders were offended that the real reason TYGS and Thirteen came was because of the ‘jiu onn’. Irritated (as usual), Thirteen released an arrow into the Sun Jum Sect hall. TYGS followed in behind to appease the angry sect members. Granny Sun Jum came out and Thirteen offered to exchange rare Grieving Arrow for the healing needles for the 3 leader’s injuries. Granny Sun Jum agreed but her eldest apprentice Jik Nui (Annie Man) burst out and stopped her, claiming the two was con men. Thirteen lost his temper (again) but TYGS pulled him back, whispering in his ears that it’s no use since Jik Nui is being unreasonable (Jik Nui overheard this :P ).

TYGS asked Thirteen to return to the 3 leader while he goes in search for herbs to cure them. He came across a hot spring and dive in to look for a special plant that grows under hot spring water. While he was under water, Jik Nui dives in to take a hot bath. TYGS was shocked by Jik Nui presence and quietly swam on shore. Jik Nui quickly dresses and chase after TYGS. In his haste, TYGS fled leaving behind his right shoe. Jik Nui found the shoe and angrily wonders who saw her bathing. TYGS run like a bullet downhill and rushed Thirteen along with the 3 leaders to leave immediately. He was so afraid he doesn’t realize his right foot was bleeding.

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Jik Nui: If the shoe fits, KILL!

As TYGS wonders whether he should go back to look for more herbs (he was clearly afraid of Jik Nui), three men ran into the inn asking for medical help. TYGS figured out it was Jik Nui running around with his shoe, and blinding any guy that fit the shoe to vent her anger. Feeling guilty, TYGS prevented Jik Nui from hurting more guys – telling her he knows who saw her bathing. As TYGS ‘lead’ Jik Nui to the alleged peeping tom, he throws clear pebbles to the sides. After he embarrassingly confess to Jik Nui that the shoes belong to him, Jik Nui want to blind him but TYGS escape by the use of moonlight reflecting on the pebbles. He left his address – Bak Soh Yuen and asked her to look for him after he helped Chu Kot settle his task. Jik Nui was really pissed off.

Thirteen noticed Chu Kot was troubled by something. Chu Kot tells him that Siu Keng is missing and Thirteen suspected Choi Ging. Chu Kot tells him not to be rash and he will go to Choi Ging manor to check Choi Ging out for any clues. Wanting to help Chu Kot, Thirteen ignored Chu Kot advice and snoop inside Choi Ging manor. Thirteen was irritated when Chu Kot discovered him and forces him to leave immediately. Choi Ging pretended not to notice Thirteen’s presence and instructed Zhong Shu to keep an eye on Chu Kot and his brothers’ activities.

Chu Kot invites all the wulin leaders over so that he can explain Sword Saint death. As he explains, Choi Ging ordered an army of soldiers to surround Chu Kot manor. The wulin leaders felt betrayed and Chu Kot guarantee that he knew nothing about this. Thirteen suggested fighting the soldiers but TYGS tell him not to be brash (again). Choi Ging accuses Chu Kot of plotting with rebels. Chu Kot refuses to let Choi Ging soldiers entering the manor. He found out that Choi Ging has abused his power by accumulating armed forces – a crime guilty by death.

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Thirteen goes into manic mode after knowing the truth

Thirteen is getting anxious and wanted to go out to help Chu Kot. TYGS block his way and during their argument TYGS slipped out that Chu Kot purposely lost to him in their previous duel. Thirteen was insulted and enraged because they lied to him. He rushed out before TYGS could stop him…
Feeling threatened by Chu Kot exposure, Choi Ging back down and left Chu Kot Manor. Before Chu Kot could breathe in relief, Thirteen burst out and attacked him, accusing him as a liar…
Screencaps summary:

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