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Friday, January 14, 2005

Strike At Heart characters

Character description

Joe Ma as Chu Kot – Joe was dashing and good looking as Chu Kot. Chu Kot has a dual personality, on the external he put up a flirtatious, carefree front. This works to his advantage with other corrupted minister and especially the Emperor because of their similar age. Apart from being Emperor subordinate, he is also his companion – playing sports, going on hunting/excursion, entertainment etc. The other side of his was serious and quiet – when he was doing stuff for wulin world. I prefer the carefree but sly Chu Kot, especially when he was exchanging lines with Choi Ging when the soldiers surrounded his manor.
Chu Kot certainly cared about his two brothers – and it’s Thirteen (da!da!da!) he cared about the most. He believed Thirteen is naïve – like a younger brother and felt compelled to protect him. Chu Kot always yields to Thirteen - he is willing to lose to him but understand that Thirteen has issues with pride. You would think that he often ask TYGS help to control Thirteen because he don’t want him to cause trouble for them, but actually I think he doesn’t want to drag Thirteen into trouble.

Stephen Au as Thirteen / Sap Sam – His first appearance in here is cool! However, I find his clothes a bit distasteful – to a beggar like level. And his hair is not as attractive as Joe’s or Sunny’s. Thirteen is a misunderstood soul. TYGS and Chu Kot think they are protecting him, but in fact they’re hurting him. Yes, Thirteen is brash but NOT irrational. The scene where he negotiates with Granny Sun Jum showed his rational side. Thirteen and his two brothers’ relation were strange. He admired Chu Kot but felt envious of him at the same time (and maybe TYGS should shut his trap up about praising Chu Kot good at this and that). He’s very competitive, therefore every time TYGS praises Chu Kot he felt he’s beneath them. Thirteen thirsts for TYGS acknowledgement and support therefore that explain why he was so angry when he found out they were lying to him – he think TYGS always take Chu Kot side. Thirteen will never hesitate when his brothers need him – he was willing to put away his pride and apologizes to the 3 leaders.

Sunny Chan as Tin Yee Gui See / TYGS – Sunny sometimes look a bit tired in here. I enjoyed his dumb scenes with Annie, they were very cute. TYGS is the eldest martial brother and always act as mediator between Chu Kot and Thirteen. I think his idea to help Chu Kot to lose to Thirteen was brilliant, but why does he have to tell the truth to Thirteen?! He certainly has a choice not to do so during his argument – but I think he was a bit fed up babysitting Thirteen, therefore a little ‘sting’ to put him back into place. TYGS was certainly closer to Chu Kot, and always, I mean ALWAYS openly say he is the better one among them. I was a bit perplexed about TYGS, he realized Thirteen envied Chu Kot, but he never took the time to discuss with Thirteen the way he did with Chu Kot. Do they assume Thirteen is so unreasonable and dense? Overall, TYGS is a Mr. Nice Guy / Gentleman. He was so embarrassed to saw Jik Nui bathing; he was still bashful when Thirteen asked him about the missing shoe LOL!

Charmaine Sheh as Siu Keng – I don’t like Charmaine hairstyle with short bangs. Her hairstyle was nice here, but I wished her bangs were side parted like in WAB. Siu Keng character was very childish – due to her protective upbringing and naïve thinking. She trust people too easily, and she follows Chu Kot instruction because she’s looking for a bit excitement and adventure. The reason she left home is because she’s bored of her small world and she dreamed of a romance like her parents. She’s very close to her doting father, not knowing he’s a bad person. That is why I think she couldn’t accept the truth why Thirteen/Chu Kot caused her father death (spoilers in theme song and original novel). So far Siu Keng only appeared along Chu Kot – their chemistry so far so good but I found the height differences a bother initially. Looking forward for Siu Keng – Thirteen meets. Up till now Siu Keng has not fallen for Chu Kot, maybe an itsy-bitsy girly crush after the lantern incident.

Annie Man as Jik Nui - Annie look pretty here, but a bit skinny (notice her protruding backbone in her bathing scene). She has good chemistry with Sunny, in fact I think they make a cute couple. Jik Nui is very unreasonable and unstable. She distrusts men and always lashed out at the slightest provocation. Imagine TGYS running down the hill after he accidentally saw Jik Nui bathing – he look so terrified as if he saw ghost.
However, I do think she has a valid reason not to cure the 3 leaders – one of them is a lecher. It’s still too early to say what’s Jik Nui is like, as she only appeared in episode 2 compared to other casts.

Sek Sau as Choi Ging – Our super villain. Honestly, his stare gives me the creep – not because it’s really scary, but rather used repetitively like 90% of his on-screen time. I wonder does his eye hurt…? Anyway, was it just me or he really has more wardrobe than (gasp!) Joe Ma?
Choi Ging is very evil, but not cunning enough. Let’s just say he fail to execute any of his plan properly. He’s good at scheming against Chu Kot, but every time his plot falls apart due to his own weaknesses.

To read about the original novel, here's a site
(It's in chinese though. But it use simple languages :) )

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