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Friday, January 07, 2005

Sexier than a lioness?!

Last Wednesday I had nothing better to do so I joined my sister to watch one of those never ending Latin soap opera “Mi Gorda Bella” . I wasn’t paying attention until I saw the Malay subtitle during a supposedly romantic scene:
The actor was complementing the actress in a restaurant “Saya rasa kamu lebih seksi daripada singa betina”. Now, I don’t know what he’s saying in Latin but in pure English, the dialogue basically say “I think you’re more sexier than a lioness”.

WHAT?! Either the subtitle guy is sleeping on the job, or the script is trying too hard to be seductive. Being complimented sexier than a lioness is not sexy or romantic at all. With a bit of commonsense, the subtitle should say “Anda sungguh menawan/seksi/ anything other than a feline.

Let me say this again…WHAT?!

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