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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My first words

Ahah, finally! My very own blogger. Been wanting to create one since last year, but let's just say I've been... busy.
So, a new year means another year full of hope & determination (and a long list of new resolution - which i never fulfilled 99% of them)
Anyway, in compliance of tradition, here's my list of 2005 resolution!
1. I will stay healthy - stay away from junk food, maintain good diet and exercise (coincidentally something i've been trying to do since the new millenia)
2. Reduce watching television series - btw, Charmaine new series Strike At Heart 《驚艷一槍》will be released this weekend 8 Jan 2005
3. Get a study loan for my JMU summer top up program - something I DESPERATELY needed a.s.a.p.
4. Getting a job in case Resolution 3 failed.
5. Stop obsessing abt Charmaine Sheh. Ok, cancel on this one.

Then again... maybe I should let things happen naturally.

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