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Saturday, January 08, 2005

John Moores University

I hand up the form for JMU summer top up program today along with the RM200 deposit. I was hesistant at first because till now I'm not sure whether I'm going to UK or not. I've been frustrated for days since I mad my decision to enrol because my folks weren't really supportive and I have to settle the cost myself. The former cause me much grief... Anyway I decided to hand up anyway so that I can take my mind off this matter.

The process of applying for KOJADI loan is very troublesome (I haven't fill up the forms yet). Because you basically have to pay around RM2000 before you can get the loan processing to start! I'm really confused here, is this loan objective really to help the poor students? What if they cannot fork out the initial sum needed? In this case me coz my folks most probably will put a blind eye on this matter. Argh!


Funn Lim said...

I understand your predicament. I also believe when there is a will, there is always a way. I am sure you will get that study loan, but what a sum to cough up even before everything else. It just shows that the world demands for qualified people and yet not willing to make it available to everybody to try to qualify for one! What subject you're planning to study? Acting perhaps?

I also understand you parent's predicament. If they can afford it but won't, something is seriously wrong since this is your own choice, a career is for yourself to choose and so rightfully you should be able to choose your own school. But if they can't afford it, you must understand their point of view. Studying in (is it) US is expensive, very expensive, it is an investment that I am sure many parents do not expect a return. Why not try local U unless you're talking about a subject that can't be found locally or like medicine in malaysia, might as well just mortgage the house and try overseas.

Good luck!

sehseh said...

Thanks for your insight
I'm actually signing up for a summer top up program, which mean I'll spend the summer June - Sept in UK to complete my degree. This program is specially for certain courses (I'm taking Mass Comm) in my college only and the most important part is next year will be the last batch for this program.
By the way, nice site you're running. I guess you saw my post :)

Em said...

Hi there!
Nice site you have here - great tribute to Siu Seh!
So you're coming to my neck of the woods in June - that's great to hear! Maybe if you get in touch, I will take you for a wanton meen UK-style!
Catch you later,
Em :)

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