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Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Four Constables

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picture courtesy of The Comic Brief

Four of China's supremely skilled assassin/detectives serve only their Master Chu Kot Zheng Ngo - The Little Flower, who in turn is head bodyguard and advisor for China's all-powerful Emperor Hui (the last emperor for Northern Song). The Four Constables include:

1. Mou Qing - The Emotionless Cripple is a master of weapons and devices. Although he had lost his legs, he was very good in employing concealed weapon and he jumped as if flying - could execute criminals by sitting in his multi-function sedan chair.

2. Tit Sau - The Iron Hand possesses incredible chi and can stop the sharpest blades with his bare hands.

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Yan Chi Keung as Zhui Ming (Life Snatcher)

3. Zhui Ming - The Life Snatcher is highly skilled in light-foot granting him undaunted legwork and kicks.

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Mok Ka Yiu as Lang Huet (Cold Blooded)

4. Lang Huet - The Cold Blooded who was raised by wolves and has since learned to convert his pain into strength enabling him to defeat opponents much stronger than himself.

Each man is entrusted by the Emperor with the power to arrest and execute any corrupt officials or lawless criminals within the Chinese Empire.

Other two constable featured in Strike At Heart (pre-Mou Qing & Tit Sau):

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Boh Long & Ging Wan - can someone inform me these actors real name?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know their name too but the left person played Sunshine Heartbeat 2.

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