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Friday, January 14, 2005

Download Strike At Heart theme video & song here

I've uploaded them to the temporary files. I'd like to email u guys/gals the clip, but gmail disallowed attachment larger than 10mb now! Darn! Guess I'll hafta go home and edit the themevideo from mpg to rmvb files... Do be patient and don't hesistate to post comment or email me any on any question (No fwd mails please!)
Please click only once or email me and i will send u the song
Again, please be CONSIDERATE of other ppl who might want to d/l the clip. I'll update this blog after I turned this clip into rmvb (smaller in size but lower quality)


Jac said...

Thanks for sharing, you are really kind...

Winson Lee said...

hey.. thanks for sharing the Strike At Heart theme song. I tried playing the file, but somehow there is an error. What program u used to play the file ?? do you need any codec for it ?? After converting to mp3 only i am able to play the song. I am not too sure if the quality is the same as the song you have. Mind to check out the mp3 and the duration of the song for me ?? the duration of the song is only 1:31 minutes. I uploaded the song in my server already.

Strike At Heart Posted by Winson-Talk

sehseh said...

It's about the same, but my version is real media, uhave to playit using realplayer

Funn Lim said...

Hi! I noticed you are using that yousend it email service which lasts only 7 days if I am not mistaken. And RMVB files are such a hassle. Have you ever tried converting them to WMV files which are also smaller and a format which is friendlier to user?

And you might consider uploading your captures at Image Shack ( which I was told have no bandwidth limitations or any limitations to your picture's size (unless you're using this service, ignore this recommendation).

Further I could help in hosting the video files for you on the condition they're optimized for Windows Media Player as smaller file size. My site has bandwith limitations but I hardly use more than 10% of my resources anyway. If interested, email me at

Great site you have here. BUT bigger fonts will be nicer.

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