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Saturday, January 01, 2005

About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Sehseh the webmistress of this fanblog for HK actress Charmaine Sheh. I've been running this blog since 2005 (suddenly I feel so old). 

At first I only posted screencaps and review of Charmaine's series, then I realize that there's so limited source to translate Charmaine's news to non-Chinese reading fans. Which included me as I'm not Chinese literate as well, only knowing how to write my own name at the beginning of this blog. At first I relied on the online translator and old-fashioned dictionary, which had me at snail pace but thankfully I was proficient in Cantonese. Over time, I began to master Chinese letters as well and I would say now I can read & translate most of her articles without any aid. And for that I really have to thank Charmaine and fans' continued support for my blog. Some indeed have followed my site from start till now :) 

Recent years, I've been getting busier with my career and lately, my education (decided to take up MBA) hence I've decided to take a break from translating Charmaine's news. Also, Charmaine herself have taken a more laid back approach to career as well, so there's no regular articles nor updates compared to her TVB years.  

Anyway, I've decided to renovate the site and pick up translations & updates again, little by little (20 May 2014). Let's work hard together :) 

p.s. Grammar Nazi should stay away from my site. Because I do have grammar error every now and then,  I tried my best to check but it's tiring for me to source, compile photos & translating articles after working nearly 15 hours daily + cramming assignments. 

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